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CODE CL, The Software Development Internet Marketing Online Promotion Ecommerce Promotion Digital Marketing SEO Web development Company.

CodeCL is one of the leading Web Development & Digital Marketing Company in kochi, Kerala providing seo, Internet Marketing and Inbound Marketing Services. We expertise in SEO, Content creation, Online-marketing, Email, E-commerce, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing , Consulting, Mobile App, Hosting and Server Management in Cochin, Kerala for a decade.

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Code CL Offer All Possibilities

We Explore all Services and marketing strategies on the internet to promote your brand and generate leads to your business. Code CL has a decade of expertise in Digital Marketing and Corporate branding services globally from Kerala. We are experts in developing, finding marketing solutions and promoting needed properties to stand out in Google and Social media Markets.

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Our Expertise


Give confidence to your visitors to convert them to your leads with our expertise in content & designing.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the oldest form of internet marketing and it is still one of the mainstay modes for lead generation.


Online reputation has become one of the most important aspects for the brands in this modern internet era


Guaranteed increased traffic & lead generation with our SEO which can ensure long-term business success.

Social Media

Use the most crowded place in the world to brand you with stories and convert them to your customers

Video Promotion

Video is becoming the fastest growing mode of content creation and used for digital promotion now


Online Learning Manage System (LMS) has become the mainstay of this post Covid era for every educational institution.

And More...

Experts in all sorts of branding needs for every business globally for all online & offline promotional needs.

We offer complete strategy development... Read more

Well experienced team of professionals for round the clock support in need.

We put every effort to make our clients happy and successful in online space.

CODE CL is the Expert Digital Marketing SEO Web Development Company In Kochi.

100’s of our clients around the globe growing
their business with our online business development & Digital marketing expertise from kerala .


Full function digital marketing services in Kerala with a decade of experience and expertise.


Expert in website development with all leading technologies and frameworks with predictable performance.


Well experienced team of professionals with expertise in all majors like Magento, Woo, Shopify etc.


Perfect team of Ad Managers, creative professionals for Social Media Promotion and Lead Generation.


Code CL has expert copy writersand creative designers to result oriented execution for all forms of Content Marketing


Well updated and experienced team of SEO experts offers guaranteed SERP results and reduced cost per leads for long term.

Experts in Social Media

Code CL provides a dedicated expert for each Social Media Site account.

These professionals will be expertised in a single Social Media Site and dedicated for that specific Site like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.


Our Major Social Platforms

FaceBook Marketing

In business today, you have to be quite innovative to have a cutting edge. This means that you need to use mechanisms that are cost-effective for Facebook .

This should attract a wide range of clientele either physically or in terms of your product sale or brand-awareness. Facebook marketing is one of the best ways to go about success in your business. In the modern-day world, social media has become a selling tool as its widely used. This is because of the benefits companies have realized out of it and so have we. Our company has gone with this trend of Facebook Promotion and has realized a tremendous reduction in our cost of marketing as FB ads are quite cost-friendly.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the most cost effective digital advertising sites to get maximum reach. In Instagram marketing , we need to be innovative to have a competitive advantage.

With this social media we can attract a big mass of young generation for branding as well as increasing the related product sales. selling toolInstagram Ads is one of the best ways to promote our products and services in the modern-day world, to teenagers and young employees. Social media has become a selling tool as it's widely used every segment of people globally. Many companies have realized it and we are supporting them to attain their marketing and business goals. CCL has gone with this Instagram trend and has worked to reduce the marketing cost.

Twitter Management

In the global social media segment Twitter got a very high importance in business branding in spite of its lesser number of users compared to other leading social media sites.

Personal and Business Branding in twitter is considered as prestigious in the global digital marketing arena. Marketing on Twitter is the best method to get global online presence. This can attract a completely unknown new audience to our product and services. Twitter works basically on content and related hashtags and can get a lot of new visitors to our website. However, giving ads on twitter is a little bit costly compared to other social media accounts like FB & Instagram.

Youtube Promotion

Over the years, YouTube became synonymous with opportunities to put your brand in evidence , because it is possible that you appear before your audience and that you have close relationships with content that makes engagements.

Seeing that it is the most popular video platform in the world and the second most used search site on the planet, being present there is crucial for your company. On the other hand, YouTube is directly linked to Google, which can contribute to improve the positioning of your site in web searches.

Our Major Services

Expert PHP Development Laravel Development Hosting Development Magento Development Worpress Development WooCommerce Development Google Ads Web Development Ecommerce Development Company In Kochi