6 Email Marketing Best Practices That Actually Drive Results



Email marketing might not grab the attention as new marketing platforms get, but it is still the best solution for converting your clients for your business and getting leads. You must keep this in mind, and Here we are discussing the best email marketing practices you must use to generate leads for your brand, product, or services that are:


1. Include an email signature


Also, if your newsletter is sent to your contact list on behalf of the firm rather than a person, then the email must include the signature of a particular individual. As per the 2019 report, state of business email marketing research, 41 percent of marketers use email signatures of visibility and branding. The second most renowned purpose for its use was to maintain standards.


You must include your signature as it shows a personalization touch. Individuals are more inclined to read the email if they understand it came from a human being, not the team. Your signature in the email is your ticket to grab your customer's attention.


If you wish for a simple method to make an astonishing email signature, you can use the software. There are many software such as email signature generators to make your response to incoming messages.

2. Keep the primary message and call-to-action above the fold


Above the fold means the details shown to the reader prior to they scroll down. Although, as per the study, clients scroll more than they used to as vertical timelines, and social media above the fold content grabs the most attention.

 A Nielsen Norman Group eye-tracking study demonstrates that clients spend more than 60 percent of their view time on above-the-fold content. This number may go down 17 percent of the second screenful and reduces as they scroll.


You must keep in mind to play your call-to-action or message above the fold. The first thing your recipients might get once they open your email is your message. It increases your rate of conversion. You can carry out an A/B test to check if it works or validate the hypothesis for your emails.


3. Separate test your subject lines and calls to action


If you cannot look to increase your click-through rates or email list of people who open it, then there might be a few wrong things. You are not emailing the correct individuals. You must check the content or your blog post to see whether it needs any correction.


You must conduct an A/B test and keep on correcting it. It might be used to improve your digital content. The test separates your recipients into two categories: Group A gets the newsletter, then Group B gets the newsletter with a particular variation. This combination tests to check if your audience might be more or less to take action based on any particular factor.


4. Don't purchase contact lists.


There is no surprise that as per GDPR or General data protection regulation, you should not buy contact lists. Email campaigns rely on an open rate, and if you contact an individual whose details you bought then earned from a prior communication, you must check the drop of email performance. The GDPR also needs each European recipient's permission before contacting them and buying an email list that does not come with any consent. To approach your target audience, you should reach out to a platform made for B2B marketers that helps you to get data through different marketing platforms for your target audience.


5. Optimize the email's preview text


If you subscribed to a newsletter, you might have checked the message at the top of the email. Email is not showing or displaying correctly, and please click here. Don't get me wrong, it is an aidful warning, but it is called a preheader that might drastically affect your open rate of an email. As you might be telling recipients, this email may not function, or it doesn't offer any useful information about the email.


You must understand that your preview text must supplement your headline by adding information. It encourages them to open or capture your audience's attention. Preview text pulls in the first many words of the email body and shows that the subject or headline should be visible before the person clicks. The issue is that personalized email templates stick with conditional statements such as not displaying properly or can't see pictures? The top banner allows it to slip right into the preview before it goes out. As a principle, you must always write a personalized preheader that teases what your email will provide.


6. Clean your mailing list regularly.


There is a possibility that a few of your email contacts may not opt-out of your campaign strategy but might still never open emails. You must check a list of subscribers who don't communicate through your emails over some time and eliminate them regularly.



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