The Benefits of Google Ads in Growing Your Business

Seven Benefits of Using Google Ads for Your Business

Only good SEO is not the reason behind a website’s landing page or product page appearing on Google’s top rankings. Mostly, a great Google ads campaign is responsible for the success of a website. It is indispensable to have a good google ads campaign to achieve your significant marketing goals and be more visible to your authentic audience.

A business pays for displaying its ads to relevant customers who make searches for related keywords on Google Search and maps. Google ads are one of the most result-oriented digital marketing tools that allow you to choose your target audience at the domestic as well as global level. While running the Google Ads campaign, you can have calculable results such as website clicks to judge and consequently optimize your performance.

Here are given few benefits of running a Google Ads campaign for optimal growth of a business-

1) Provides Instant Results

One great benefit of using Google Ads is that you will get quicker results than SEO. An optimized Adwords campaign is less time-taking and provides much faster results as it focuses on multiple keywords, provides instant visibility and allows flexibility to on or off your campaign whenever you want. Though, at the same time, you should focus on organic sources also to have long-term benefits.

2) Raises Your Brand Awareness

Google Adwords is one great way to boost your brand’s awareness. It is an additional benefit that it provides to your business. You can convey your messages to the public through Google ads reliably. It is indirectly linked with SEO performance as when people make more searches for your brand’s name, your brand appears at the top of Google’s ranking.

3) Raises Your Audience’s Reach with Gmail Inbox

Google Adwords helps in your email marketing campaign as Google unified Gmail ads with Google Adsin Sep 2015. Thus, you can interact with your audience through Gmail Inbox too and raise your prospects very high. These ads run on both desktops as well as mobiles. Gmail ads are quite less expensive than search ads.

4) Rewire with Your Website Visitors

One other cool benefit of using Google Ads is that you can relink with your website visitors. You can easily approach window shoppers at your site who have instantly visited all your website pages. You can send them quick reminders and run Remarketing and RLSA campaigns.

5) Steadily Measure Your Performance

Traditional advertisements are much more expensive than Google Ads and it is also difficult to measure their performance as well. Google AdWords provides you with exact information regarding the KPIs of your performance. You can keep track on –

?     Who clicks on your ad

?     Leads generated

?     Traffic coming from AdWords for your site

?     Best performing keywords

?     Cost per lead

You can accordingly update your campaign after a quick judgement of various performance indicators.

6) Explore Other Things

You can explore unlimited variables by linking your Google Ads account to your Google Analytics account. Google Analytics helps you understand many valuable things like-

?       Bounce rate of landing page

?       Number of pages visited

?       Period for visitor to stay on a page

?       Information about new visitors and revisiting visitors


You can easily measure the entire performance of Google Ads and amend the things that should be changed. You can replace non-performing keywords, campaigns or ads and try different things to get better results.

7) Reliably Handle Your Competitors

If you want to keep tracking your competitors, it is possible with the Google Ads system as it is quite transparent. You can easily watch their performances and accordingly plan your marketing strategies.

Final Words


The above are the fundamentals of Google Ads and their amazing benefits. So, get started running optimized Google Ads for your business to beat your competitors. 


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