Few Best Practices for Hosting an Online Event on Zoom

Event organizers make heroic efforts for designing, scheduling and implementing their event management tasks to leave a powerful impact on the audience. During the pandemic, out of health concerns and social distancing norms, platforms like Zoom came out as a perfect option for organizing online events. 

Event planners found themselves comfortable in quickly adapting online features to organize digital events just for survival. Zoom’s video-first unified communications platform is regarded as the best substitute to host an in-person event as one can reliably connect with speakers, sponsors, panelists, and attendees. One can conveniently have face-to-face interaction on this platform at any place and at any time. 

Here are a few best practices for efficiently using Zoom as your next platform for organizing the digital event. 

Choose the Best Platform for Your Next Virtual Event

Different virtual events have their requirements that fit best into a particular format. Zoom provides multiple solutions tailoring to the needs of a case. Before planning a digital event, you must ask yourself a few questions to get a fair idea about choosing the right format for your users. 


  • Level of Interaction- When you want your audience to listen mostly, Zoom Webinar is the best medium. On the other hand, when you want your audience to interact and reply to your questions or ask questions from you, you should choose Zoom Meeting. 

  • Size of Audience- When you are planning an online event to host large size audiences and events to host open public, Zoom Webinar is the best option in this case. It will act as a lecture hall or auditorium. Though, in a usual webinar, attendees are unable to interact with each other, Zoom Webinar you to be a little more flexible allowing one or two people to speak to an audience. 


Benefits of Choosing Zoom Meetings Platform

Zoom meetings are the best platform when you are planning to host interactive sessions and want your audience’s active participation or divide small groups for interaction. 

Zoom’s Breakout Rooms feature allows the host to assign participants to ‘Virtual Side Sessions’ and return to the main meeting room. While hosting a safer virtual event, you should use the ‘Waiting Room’ feature. You can initially send all participants to Zoom’s Waiting Room and then add attendees one by one or all at once. 

Zoom Meetings provides various incredible tools to manage participants' interactions more efficiently. If you are looking for great audience participation, you should choose Zoom Meetings for a small size audience. But, for hosting and managing large audiences, you need a simpler platform like Zoom Webinar. 


Benefits of Choosing Zoom Webinar Platform

Zoom Webinar is the best platform for hosting online events like digital marketing events, product announcements, training sessions, and all-hands meetings. It allows you to effectively manage or engage your audience with some incredible features like live interactions, hand raising, Q & A and polling etc. 

One other benefit of using the Zoom Webinar Platform is that you can customize the webinar registration page as per your event needs. Avail of the webinar registration source tracking and find out the most effective promotions to optimize your efforts. 

Final Words

One of the main benefits of using Zoom Platform for hosting your digital event is that you will get endless incredible interactive features to effectively engage and interact with your audience. You might have never thought of making your event as informative and interactive as on Zoom while enjoying the comfort of your home.


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