Important Things you need to know about using Zoom

Video conferencing is a milestone for any productive, efficient, and successful team. Video conferencing tools such as zoom help people to meet and work together completely face-to-face when meeting in person is not allowed or possible. It makes meeting from home much more human which is necessary to aid users to feel and keep connected. 

This year, zoom users have grown speedily surrounding the concern for outbreaks. It is observed that the organization has added 2.22 million active users monthly till 2020, while 1.99 million visitors in 2019. We all wish to know the information about the zoom and everything you must know about recording and conducting private zoom meetings to have the best zoom experience. Let us discuss in detail more about it.

Schedule Meetings through Zoom

You may schedule meetings using zoom by using the zoom app or calendar. To book a zoom meeting, next time, you may select the schedule meeting option. For new meetings, you should choose the New meeting feature on the home window. Once you sign in to the zoom meetings, you will get access to different features such as recording, inviting, microphone settings, charting, and recording other people for a meeting.

How to Make a Zoom Meeting Private

To address the security problems, zoom has come up with privacy and security options. So, let us know more about it.

What Is Zoom Bombing?

Zoombombing takes place when an uninvited person gets access to your meeting. They may join the session to know your company secrets or even disrupt the meeting. Fortunately, there is an option of zoom bombing that will help you to prevent it. You have to enable the zoom's privacy settings so that only those to whom you send an invitation will log in for the meeting.

How to Prevent Zoom Bombing

Let us discuss how you can prevent zoom bombing:

Create a password for your Zoom meeting

When you plan a new meeting under the password section, select the checkbox next to require a password for the meeting. It will help you to type a password that is strong and safe that you may share with meeting invitations. Participants might be asked to enter the password to join the meeting. Those people who do not have any passwords cannot join the meeting.

 Use the waiting room feature

The waiting room option helps the host to know when participants join the meeting. The session or meeting host may admit or allow attendees one-by-one or all at once as per their choice. When you are signed into zoom, you may choose the schedule button to make a new meeting. You may choose the advanced feature and click the option next to enable the waiting room.

Limit who can share their screen.

Once your meeting is started, choose the up arrow and choose click the advanced sharing feature. Under this option who can choose who will share? Choose only host to ensure that the meeting host is the only person who will share their screen. You can restrict the sharing screen only to you.

Record important Zoom meetings

If you hold a zoom meeting that includes several cross-functional team members or if one or more members of your team are out of the office or if you are planning for some long-term project then you should practice recording these meetings for future reference. You should record meetings on your smartphone or laptop or the zoom cloud to share them later with your team members.

How to Record a Zoom Meeting

  1. Sign in to zoom

  2. Begin your meeting or session as the host by selecting meetings

  3. In the upcoming section, choose the meeting you wish to begin and select the blue start icon

  4. Click the record option placed on the right-hand side of the toolbar

  5. Choose either record to the cloud or on this PC to start recording

  6. To stop or pause recording, choose to stop or pause recording or end the meeting

Mute yourself when you're not speaking

This is the most basic thing of video conferencing, but it should be repeated. You can mute yourself when you are not speaking or explaining as it will cut down on distracting background noise. You will set yourself to be muted automatically when you join the session or meeting. When you are un-mute yourself, you will save yourself by holding or clicking the space key if you have to chime in for a second.

Pair Zoom with the perfect video conferencing camera

Zoom is a renowned video conferencing platform as it is simple and quick to use. Once you set up an account, you can easily start speaking with your colleagues. To get the best zoom experience for remote or co-located zoom meeting participants, you may prefer a video conferencing camera in your zoom room that may ensure that meeting attendees will become a part of communication and will feel included.


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