Introduction to zoom webinar with new and expanded apps

Everything about zoom webinar with new and expanded apps

With the recent zoom webinar apps and new features that are well-designed to aid you to create deeper relations with the webinar participants. These applications connect with a few of the most renowned payment, survey tools, marketing to zoom webinars to simplify the process:

  • It is easy to streamline lead generation through Pardot, Marketo engage, and Hubspot

  • You can get timely feedback with integrated survey tools such as qualities, google forms, and SurveyMonkey.

When you install these apps in zoom webinar, they will help you to become more efficient, and you can collect data easily, automate payment and improve your marketing tactics. Here are some of the enhanced abilities that your business may expect to get using these apps.


With the native operations, you will get back time and avoid extra methods required to make webinars and meetings work in Hubspot. With HubSpot for zoom, your webinar will get a zoom dial-in and conference details for your outbound interaction with your clients and prospects automatically. The application syncs with different zoom meeting registration and participant details that include the duration of the participant, total webinars attended or even registered, and the last webinar or meeting attended.

Also, you may register webinar participants right from your HubSpot contacts. You can select add a contact to zoom webinar in the HubSpot workflow actions. The zoom for Hubspot application also helps your product, brand, or service to shine by personalized reminders and registration email confirmation.


Paradot is another app that is a salesforce's B2B marketing automation channel that is used by thousands of businesses globally. They have developed an efficient and simple paradot application that helps a bi-directional synchronization of data between zoom and paradot so paradot users can build and monitor their list in Paradot and can connect through the zoom webinar to participants.

Once you are connected, details about webinar participants, guests, registrants, and no-shows are shared automatically between the two channels. It is a native experience where there is no need for the cumbersome form handler website links for the integration process. It simplifies your experience and makes it simple to coordinate engagement to accounts leads with zoom and pardot.

Survey Tools

The latest integration survey aids you in getting firsthand feedback from your participants in the webinar. These post-webinar surveys will aid you to know your most promising clients and tailor your strategy for a webinar to increase the impact and aid you to convert the clients into leads and leads into sales.

With Zoom webinar, you may set up and configure a post-webinar survey that will be launched automatically once the webinar gets completed. You may power your survey with your favorite survey tools such as Qualtrics, Google Forms, and survey Monkey. You may ask questions or feedback, and with google forms, it is easy for you to review the survey answers to know what your prospects are expecting from you.

You can visit the app marketplace to know other apps that might aid you to set up your webinar and sign up for the demo with a Zoom product expert to learn about the zoom webinar applications that help you to automate and streamline your business.


The PayPal app with zoom aids to integrate the payment. It makes the process simple and easy, and automatically the payment collection takes place. This application makes it simple for participants to pay webinar registration charges by sending them straight to their PayPal account once they clear the payment. After the payment is made, participants might even get details on how to join the webinar. The PayPal-zoom integrations also aid effectively in managing refunds. If you cancel the registration before the webinar gets started, for example, Paypal might automatically issue a refund for the participant's registration charges, so you may spend more time with your participants without worrying about micromanaging payment. So, the integration of PayPal with zoom is the best thing that makes your work and life easy.

Marketo Engage

The new app zoom for Marketo engage helps with a simple and easy click-based setup. It helps zoom to be an event partner in your Marketo strategies. With a bi-directional, robust sync, Marketers have access to share details automatically between Marketo Engage and zoom, both after and before the conference meeting or a webinar.

After the webinar is planned in Zoom, marketers may easily include the URL link of the webinar in Marketo's registration email. Based on the email responses, webinar participants can be automatically populated in Zoom. After the webinar is completed, the participant's or guest's details can be seen back in Marketo Engage, so you may continue your lead and nurture your account and do the necessary follow-up process.


The application for zoom helps you to reimagine customer satisfaction with face-to-face signing experiences and gives the best virtual experience. You may build loyalty and trust while accelerating the documents.

With this application, you may securely sign, present and complete all the processes right from zoom

  • You can choose an agreement and show it to participants in a few clicks

  • You get peace of mind as the robust audit system is in place, and it generates signatures automatically

  • It helps participants to sign the papers live using zoom's remote control option

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