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We believe we are one of the best content development services in Kerala providing our customers with much-needed content services. We have in place the best writers, editors, designers, and other necessary staff to create relevant blog content for our customers in a variety of business verticals. We help our clients create stories that find perfect resonance among the target audience.

We help create such content that helps start a conversation with prospects. These discussions help cement relationships that eventually lead to sales. We help businesses to tell the right kind of stories through the right channels at the right time.

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Code CL is the Leading Content Development Agency Company Experts In kerala

We make it possible for brands to tell business stories through the right medium
to get traction among the target audience.

“Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale.”

Chris Brogan CEO Media Group

In this age of digital marketing, it is necessary for brands to get good online visibility. This visibility is made possible with the help of relevant content. At Code CL we help brands with the creation of the right kind of content for their audience.

A content development agency like Code CL provides a brand is all-round services with the development of content. We help brands create content in multiple formats – right from the written word to audio-visual content, we are equipped with all the necessary capabilities.

We are living in an age of information overload where the audience is spoilt for content choices. In such a situation, it is increasingly pertinent for brands to stand out from the online clutter. At Code CL, we help brands emerge from the online clutter with the right kind of content.

Better Reach

Good relevant content allows a brand or business to reach a wider audience through a unique identifiable voice and style.
This can be one of the pivotal factors for the growth, expansion, and success of a brand.

Builds Trust

Brands must be consistently creating content over time, it helps create a high level of trust with the audience.
By repeated engagement with content, brands can start a conversation and nurture a relationship with the customer.

Sticks Longer

Content allows the brand to create positive experiences for the potential customer. Relevant and meaningful content will always compel the audience to come back for more.
In this manner, brands can influence the audience to spend more time with their content assets.

Influence on Social Media

Content allows a brand to improve its influence on social media. With an increased amount of time spent by the audience on social media,
it becomes pertinent for brands to create content exclusively for social media to influence the purchase behavior of the audience.

More Leads

By compelling an audience to spend more time with content, a brand can coax the audience into entering the sales funnel.
Most brands do this with the help of Call-to-Action (CTA) placed at the bottom of content can organically create more leads for the brand.

Better Conversions

Relevant and meaningful content allows the audience to get more information on the product or service, which helps in educating the customer.
The brand that can inform the prospect in the right manner will also to able to convert a prospect into a customer.

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Build Authority

Establishing a brand as a credible information resource allows it greater visibility on search engines. This visibility directly translates into the positioning of the brand as an expert and an industry authority in the market. This helps in further building trust and attracting more prospects.

Brand Loyalty

Brand awareness and repeated exposure to content help build a set of positive experiences in the mind of the audience. This behavior not only makes them long-time customers but also brand advocates who are capable of spreading the word on the brand wider.

Code CL Equates to Modern Professional Experienced Best Content Development Services.

We have in-house experts who come with experience and expertise in conceptualizing, creating, and promoting content from scratch.

Analysis Phase

There can even be cases where a brand is re-starting its content development efforts with an agency. In such cases, the business needs to sit with the agency and analyze the performance of content that is already has been put out. At Code CL, we not only discuss the potential of the existing content, but we also do a thorough audit of the content to identify and recognize opportunities for improvement. An effective content audit is capable of improving existing content plans with more robust planning and execution. The key element of the content audit includes – content length, traffic, content posting frequency, traffic, top landing pages, and top linked content.

Define Goals

Having done enough planning for the content, it is time to define goals for the content being created. A brand would in the best position to answer why exactly is the content getting created. Is to generate brand awareness, generate leads, convert users, attract past customers, improve search ranking, or something else. Once the goals are in place, you need to assess whether the content strategy will be the best to achieve these goals. At times a content-led strategy may not be the best option on every occasion. For instance, converting users at the bottom of the funnel cannot be done with content. At the same time, the content remains invaluable in boosting awareness for lead generation. Different points on the funnel need different types of content. This way you are likely to strike up the right conversation with the audience at the right time.

Planning & Strategy Phase

Content analysis may give you some clarity on the kind of content to be put out. But it will not offer accurate ideas on the kind of content to be posted in the near future. Businesses need to be patient enough in working with agencies like Code CL because the process of content development involves a lot of trial and error. A brand needs to experiment with a variety of things before locking in on a specific content strategy involving each content type or post type. For instance, if you notice a certain kind of content performing well on a given weekday. It is prudent to continue with the same type of content in the coming weeks on the same day. Lastly, there must be enough time allocated in each quarter for content release and time for assessment of content performance after each quarter.

Research the Audience

The content strategy is only going to be effective when you who the audience is. It is a prudent idea to collect valuable information on the type of sites your prospects are already visiting, the kind of content they engage with, and which social media platforms they are active on. Many analytics tools available can furnish this sort of information to brands. While researching the audience such analytical tools can provide insights on factors like average time on page, bounce rate, page views. This kind of information would help a brand in creating content for a targeted user. A brand should content to increase time on page, decrease the bounce rate and increase page views.

Focus on the Niche

Most of the content that gets published on the internet does not receive any kind of visibility and in turn, it fails to offer any value to the users. Hence content mustn’t get lost in the plethora of content getting created and published daily. For this to happen, brands need to create content that communicates with a unique voice and offers genuine values to their readers. The more you focus on a niche, the better are the chances of getting established as an authority in a domain. The focus should be on building a strong connection to create a focused and loyal user base, this is more effective than having superficial links to a larger user base that mostly generic in nature.

Measure the Results

Measuring the results of the published content is of utmost importance in developing an effective content strategy. Churning out content mindlessly with ascertaining user feedback is a futile exercise that is akin to drawing lines on the water. As a brand you need to be in the know about what the users liked, didn’t like, and why. Some of the important metrics that can be measured when it comes to content include – consumption metrics, social sharing metrics, and lead metrics.

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Defining Content Strategy

A content strategy primarily takes into account the business goals of a brand and uses content as a primary means for achieving them. For instance, if your brand is keen on improving brand awareness, then efforts need to focus on improving SEO to improve website visibility on search engine results pages and drive traffic to product or service pages. There can be business owners who might be skeptical of content strategy.
But producing content back by sound content strategy will allow the business to win trust among customers and succeed in the long run.

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Code CL – Providing Effective Best Content Development Services

We develop content by remaining mindful of relevant & proven strategies that allow our clients to accomplish their relevant business goals.

Select Our Content Development Services

We provide our clients with content development services only after understanding their concerns, pain points, and business objectives. We are known for spending a substantial amount of time understanding the brand and its history. Having done so, we acquaint the clients with the content strategy that is going to be deployed. We implement and execute the strategy only when the client becomes fully convinced of the effectiveness of the same. This approach has brought us a good degree of success with all past clients. Going into the future, we are likely to continue with this approach. That being said, we always remain open & flexible to any possible changes in our approach based on the needs, feedback, and demands of the client.

Execute Effective Content-led Campaigns with Code CL

We at Code CL come with more than a decade of experience in running content-led campaigns successfully for all our past clients.

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We can create relevant, high-quality pieces of content that will find resonance with the target audience. Our team of writers and editors is capable of writing blogs that build trust and authority of the brand among the audience.


These are mainly long-form content as PDF documents that gives an exhaustive amount of information about a certain topic. It can be used as a lead magnet on a website, where brands can collect email IDs and other information from the audience in exchange for a free E-book.


This allows the brand to convey a large amount of information in a form that engaging, digestible, and engaging. According to estimates, infographics are shared 3-times more than any other content and it can critical to both link building and growing the audience on any online platform.


We understand the relevance and the explosive growth of videos and have a special in-house team that is entrusted only with video creation. In fact, video-based content allows brands to increase their engagement with the audience in the form of shares, comments, and even sales conversions.

How-to Guides

These are a long-form type of content that gives in-depth information on how to do anything, it could be the functioning of a newly launched product or service. It educates the audience on the product accelerating their movement through the sales funnel and bringing them closer to a purchase.

Case Studies

We can create case studies to make issues faced by the audience more relatable by giving common examples. This can illustrate common pain points and challenges of the audience. Another reason for its popularity is its ability to showcase how a product can solve everyday life problems.

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Our Content Development Services

Code CL offers content development services not only in Kerala but also across India and overseas. We have dedicated staff who come with a wealth of experience in creating content for both B2B and B2C companies. To date, we have provided our content services to a host of companies in different business verticals.

We can say with pride that till now none of our clients have come back to us with negative feedback. In most cases, we have been able to provide top-notch content services that drove successful outcomes for the brand.

Succeed with Effective Content Development

We at Code CL come with more than a decade of experience in content development services with a multitude of satisfied clients. The main reason for our success as a content development agency is the ability to effectively understand the pain points and challenges faced by the brand and create pertinent content in the most nuanced manner. This process has helped us crack numerous content-led campaigns.



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