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91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing as a key strategy to reach the target audience, according to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). These high numbers signify the need to adopt content marketing as a key component in online marketing.

At Code CL we are well-versed with all aspects of content marketing and can actively evolve a customized strategy to suit your business needs.

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“Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing.”

Chris Brogan CEO


The practice of strategic marketing that involves producing valuable, relevant content on a consistent basis to attract and retain an audience that eventually drives profitable action. It is a long-term strategy and the focus is on building a strong relationship with the audience by providing them high-quality content that is relevant on a consistent basis.

Traditional advertising involves broadcasting and intruding the audience with commercial content. Whereas in content marketing the focus is more on nurturing a relationship through content, which eventually drives a purchase decision. Here the audience takes the call in selecting your brand over others based on your efficacy to communicate that drives valuable action.

  • Increases brand visibility, recognition and awareness
  • Creates lasting relationships based on trust and loyalty
  • Establishes credibility and authority for the brand
  • Generates traffic to the website that helps in lead generation
  • Opens multiple channels of communication through social media
  • Accelerates the buyer’s journey through the sales funnel
  • Provides value to the audience without any ‘strings attached”


For marketing on Facebook, you FB business page is to be optimized enough to keep communication and conversation going with prospects and customers.

Instagram Marketing

Marketing on Instgram platform actually allows a brand to promote a brand to younger audience in a friendly and authentic manner without the need to hard-sell a product.

LinkedIn Marketing

Linkedin Marketing is mainly meant for B2B marketing that allows engagement with a community of professionals with better networking to drive profitable actions.


Businesses both big and small are using twitter promotion to communicate in an informative manner with their followers and customers alike.

Pinterest Marketing

Marketing on Pinterest which is visually-driven platform that boasts of users with the highest purchase intent can be used to increase brand awareness and conversions.

YouTube Marketing

Youtube promotion, the second most popular search engine, allows businesses to improve business prospects through video-driven marketing.

Code CL, Provides Content Content Content Marketing that Yields Visible Results

Our content marketing is about delivering on expectations.

On-Page SEO

Technical SEO or On-page SEO, primarily refers to the practice of optimizing web-page content for search engines and users. The most common SEO tactics include optimizing content, internal links, title tags and URLs.

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It is crucial for the visibility of your brand on search results , your web page is most likely to show on search results if there is a match between keywords in the search query and contents on the web page. For this to happen, keywords have to be present in the headings and in the body of the web page. The scope of on-page SEO extends to the HTML source code which includes meta-descriptions. Overall, the content has to cater to the demand of the audience by being authentic that offers value without being overly promotional.

Off-Page SEO

One of the parameters that determine a higher rank on Google is by getting other relevant websites to point to your website, this happens when your site has credible and meaningful content. Link-building lies at the heart of off-page SEO and is done in three ways:

  • Natural Links: Given naturally by site owners to a website, without any action getting initiated by the website. For example, a cooking website adding a link to its page about “Naturally Occurring Sugars in Fruits.”
  • Manually Built Links: Built through deliberate actions such as reaching out to customers, bloggers to link-back and asking influencers to share content.
  • Self-created Links: Adding a backlink to an online directory, blog, forum, comment signature, or a press release with optimized anchor text.

Email Marketing

Email marketing refers to the exercise of sending a commercial message to a group of people who are your existing or potential customers. Although Email is a relatively old content marketing technique, it still holds relevance compared to other online strategies.

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A business can start its email campaign by building an email list of subscribers when the number reaches a critical threshold, then the brand can start its email campaign. Today, many brands execute email marketing through automated software that enables audience segmentation, drip marketing, auto-response, responsive layout, list maintenance, easy integration with existing software and much more. Apart from such paid email software tools come with pre-designed email templates that can be designed easily with a drag-and-drop interface.

Social Media Marketing

This is a form of internet marketing that involves the creation and sharing of content on different social media platforms to achieve branding and marketing goals.

The range of activities can include posting text and image, along with videos and other content to drive engagement through organic or paid means. Before beginning your SMM campaign, it is essential to have ideas on - what you seek to achieve, target audience, and most popular social platforms among your audience. Besides, you need to focus on a few goals when you begin your SMM campaign, which could include – increasing traffic and brand awareness, improving conversions, generating leads to drive sales. Be actively engaged with your audience on social platforms, to increase following and achieving goals.

Content Promotion

There are many who feel content promotion deserves more attention than content creation. Rightly so, if no one reads it, the whole effort of creation becomes futile. Coming to the actual promotion, here are your options:

  • Social Media: You target the platforms where your target audience spends most of their time online.
  • Search Engines: Create content around keywords your audience uses frequently in search.
  • Emails: Build a healthy list of email subscribers and introduce them to content updates through email.
  • Paid Advertising: You can execute paid search or run ads on social media to attract the audience to your content.
  • Forums: Join and start answering questions on forums. Later, you can answer questions by including a link to your blog or website.

Sales Funnel

An important factor that can drive content creation is the sales funnel or the buyer’s journey that eventually leads to positive action affecting the bottom line. It consists of three stages, which are:

  • Awareness: At this stage, the audience is simply aware of your brand without any intention to opt-in or buy. Content has to be inert without being promotional; the intention is to strengthen the brand image.
  • Consideration: Once they have heard of the brand, they would consider buying. They have to be nudged forward into buying. Metrics like downloads and form submissions consist of consideration phase.
  • Decision: This is the stage where they actually make a purchase. Metrics such as the average size of orders, order frequency and sales come into the picture.
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Performance- Driven Content Marketing

After executing a content marketing plan, you need to gauge the success through performance metrics. At Code CL, we make it a point to track and monitor the performance of all digital campaigns and content marketing is no exception.

We arrive on a set of metrics based on the goals of the campaign. With consistent and regular monitoring, we are able to correctly assess what’s working and what’s not, giving us opportunities to tweak the strategy in real-time.

Code CL, The Content Marketing Backed Backed Backed Backed by a Decade of Experience.

We come with a wealth of experience in content marketing.

Code CL, Made-to-Order Content Marketing Solutions

We provide uniquely effective solutions to each client

Content Marketing Pioneers

Our past experience is testimony to the fact that our executions have brought prolific results for all of our clients with cost-effective solutions.

We provide solutions truly based on immediate and long-term goals of a client. Our solutions incorporate the latest and best industry practices to drive tangible results.

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Content Marketing Agency

On the face of it, content marketing may look straight forward, but it does involve immaculate planning before the actual creation of content. This is best done by experts in the domain, who come with hands-on experience and understand the subtleties of the process.

We can provide you with a team of strategists, designers and writers to chalk out a comprehensive strategy that will produce engaging content that will drive results.

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Code CL - Content Marketing Solutions Solutions that Works for You

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Facebook Ads

When Facebook started off, it was relatively easy to reach out through organic means, but with time, it has transformed into a pay-to-play model. Facebook ads are the paid means by which you can make an impact with your content. The expansive user base of Facebook makes it a go-to platform for brands to reach their specific targeted audience.

Instagram Ads

This platform was bought over by Facebook in 2012 and since then it has become a platform that works better through paid advertising, else it is difficult to grow as a brand. Brands can opt to advertise on Instagram through regular posts or ‘Stories’ that will appear in the feeds of users based on relevance. The platform comes with all the targeting options available on Facebook.

Twitter Ads

Twitter has a user base of 330 million users, who are highly engaged with the platform to offer better value for money. Brands can advertise through promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. These appear in the users’ feed based on relevance and past search actions. Incidentally, there is no minimum ad-spend and you have complete control on the budget.

LinkedIn Ads

There are 690 million professionals on LinkedIn and is the best possible platform for B2B marketers. Although they are slightly expensive compared to Facebook and Twitter, you can precisely target professionals according to job title, function and industry. It is a highly effective platform for increasing brand awareness and generating leads with flexible pricing.

Pinterest Ads

This ad platform is great at getting your content and products in front of more people as they search, browse and discover on Pinterest. The platform works on an auction-based system, where advertisers select a pin from their account and enter the target criteria. Brands and businesses of all sizes can benefit from the visually-driven platform.

YouTube Ads

The video-sharing platform is owned by Google and one of the most popular website on the internet. Although organic growth is possible on the platform, YouTube ads are the paid-means to get your message across to a targeted audience. Placing an ad with keywords on the platform is relatively less expensive to Paid Search and comes at about $0.06 per click.

Code CL, Impactful Content Marketing Marketing Marketing Solutions

We Utilize Strategies & Tactics that Bring Results

Exclusive Content

People like to be treated special, provide exclusive content to your subscribers, it will keep them engaged and will bring in new users.

Social Sharing

Make it easy for your readers to share a blog or website content by including social buttons that would enable easy sharing with their circle.

Repurpose Content

While you may have invested time creating a piece of content, it is an opportunity under-utilized, if you do not repurpose it into other content types.

Keyword Research

Marketers tend to scramble through keyword research, you need to invest effort in finding the best keyword combinations to attract the right audience.

Trending & Evergreen

Create both evergreen and trending content, but invest 70% of your efforts towards evergreen while remaining for the rest.

Conversational Language

Content that is exceptional need not be complicated, stay away from academically-sounding content for a more conversational approach.

Engage with Prospects

The more you talk with your prospects the better the relationship becomes, the audience in the second person and solicit opinions regularly.

Include CTAs

People do not follow through unless they are told what to do. Include strong and visible CTAs in your content with clear expectations.

Leverage Data

Everyone is today looking for leads and collecting data. Use this data tocustomize content and disseminate it to an audience looking for it.

Content Marketing that’s Truly Sensible Sensible Sensible in Driving Results

Our approach to content marketing incorporates all elements to make brand outreach successful. We ensure each stage of the plan is carefully conceived and is aligned with the immediate and long-term goals of the client and are accomplished within a definite time-frame.