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Our approach is based on providing a strong brand strategy that would help put your business to the next level. By understanding the brand, its values and vision – our team of brand strategists and experts would transform your business into a brand entity that evokes trust and admiration from the audience and customers alike.

All our efforts are focussed on delivering the best for the brand keeping the business realities and objectives as critical parameters.

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“Inbound Marketing is a marketing activity where the customers find you when they need you.”

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This is a practice that refers to the creation of a signature name and associated value for a corporate entity. This exercise has a broad scope and enables prospects & customers to relate to the perceived value associated with the signature corporate name (brand).

A branding agency at the fundamental level creates an individual identity for a corporate name and creates a framework to define the brand. It is a systematic process involving brand strategists and writers who borrow from the narration associated with the creation of the company and other factors to evolve a signature identity that is able to connect with the audience.

  • Easy for customers to recognize a brand from an array of choices.
  • Gets the brand the competitive edge in the crowded marketplace.
  • Recognition & adoption of a brand leads to loyalty & advocacy.
  • A popular brand can generate credibility which correlates to the bottom line.

Conduct Research

Research is essential to understand the position of the brand in the market and the direction the brand should take to maximize potential. One of the first priorities is to understand the vision, mission, personality, strengths, weakness and USP.

The effort here is to understand how
the company wants to be perceived. Similar questions would be addressed to other stakeholders (staff, customers, suppliers) to understand views and perceptions. Next, a brand audit will be conducted to understand what works and what can be improved. This process would look into the logo, tagline, the colours, fonts and other marketing materials. A report would be generated to develop a brand strategy.

Develop a Brand Strategy

This involves identifying what you want to be known for or the “Why” for your existence and the values associated with the brand. The ingredients for the brand strategy can be evolved by recalling - the purpose behind the brand (apart from profit), the differentiating factors, and core beliefs.
Clarity can be achieved by knowing your target audience, product offerings and the brand’s position among the competition.

Answers from the previous process also form the constituents for designing a brand strategy. Through a combination of rational thinking and creative imagination, a strategy is finalized based upon carefully chosen ingredients that form the core focus of the brand and what it can deliver as value to its customers. At times a strategy may not be required and would only require the blending of already established elements to create a unified message that works.

Designing Brand Identity

After having received the inputs from the research and brand strategy creation, designers would use their intuition, experience and imagination to render a visual representation of the brand. The process begins with the designers developing several ideas which over time would be condensed into a final concept.
This does involve time and patience as it takes into consideration the values and personality specified in the strategy and how closely they are getting represented visually.

The design process begins with the logo and this is the graphical representation of the brand. Colours, fonts, shapes, icons all get evaluated to design something that is eye-catching and illustrative of the brand.

In addition, an overall brand identity is created that involves colours, imagery, typography and styling.

Developing Marketing Touchpoints

This part of the branding process involves creating a consistent look across all touchpoints (website, business cards, letterheads, brochures, signages, product design etc) with the values specified in the strategy getting accurate representation.

The final conceptualization has to work online, offline, large and small scale and in all potential markets. In order to validate this, the visual identity gets trialled on real documents such as business cards and letterheads to establish whether it works at varying scales, materials, on-screen and in print. Ultimately, the essence here is to create a visual language that gets expressed across all touchpoints or marketing collaterals. Once it gets validated, the visual identity gets finalized.

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Competitive Edge through Effective Branding

Effective branding can actually transform an unknown brand by delivering on the promises and building a trust-based relationship with its customers. Let’s look at the stages that help a brand to take off:

  • Build the Foundation: Every brand journey starts with a strategy that differentiates the brand from others. When done right a brand cannot be duplicated.
  • Understand the Value: Brands must know what makes their product click in the market or what value they drive for the user.
  • Align Touchpoints: All the marketing touchpoints need to be aligned and speak in a unified tone for consistent outreach.
  • Delight your Customers: Each product sale must be able to generate good-will for the product and the brand to build a loyal following.

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Consistent Brand Message

All successful brands develop a consistent brand message that captures what the brand stands for, its promise and expected customer experience that gets delivered each time.

Define Brand Vision

A brand has to decide how wants to be seen and perceived. Establish a distinct character for the brand and ensure how it sees the world and how the world perceives it. This puts it on a strong foundation to capture the right audience.

Develop Customer Knowledge

It becomes difficult to target if you do not know your audience. Making your brand compelling depends on what truly matters to your customers and the way forward is research.

Research the Competition

Any brand getting launched or re-launched has to have intimate knowledge about its competitors and what’s working for them and areas where you have scope for improvement.

Avoid Vanity Factors

A successful brand must deliver on the promises made. A new brand must always stay away from creating hype (packaging or stunning logo) and must focus on fulfilling a customer need or desire or solve that others don’t.

Integrate Passion

An entrepreneur must never forget the enthusiasm and excitement that went into forming the company and must pour the same emotions into the process of brand development. Creates an authentic brand that connects to the audience.