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Digital marketing is the best available option for business growth & increases profits in this internet age. Creation and flawless execution of a digital marketing plan is the best strategy to make an ordinary company transform into an industry leader.

A Digital Marketing Company always gives the desired results in business with assured profits. We value us as one of the best Digital Marketing Companies in Kochi and offer digital marketing services globally.

Digital Marketing Services includes promotions through all channels on internet like SEO, Google Ads, Email marketing, Content marketing and Social Media marketing. The main Social Media promotion channels used for buiding a business online are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Youtube.

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Digital Marketing Agency Company Experts In Kochi

As a B2C and B2B Digital Marketing Company in Kerala, we offer complete solutions
to grow your sales by promoting on the internet through
Social Media, Google, Youtube, Email etc.

“Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale.”

Chris Brogan CEO Media Group

As per Wikipedia “Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.”

A Digital Marketing Company is an agency that uses the internet to promote a business. This uses online platforms & properties like websites, social media accounts, search engines and other internet based platforms which can be accessed by digital equipment like computers and other digital screens.

Digital Marketing can increase leads and sales with better ROI. The business can appear in front of a customer when they are in need for a solution. Branding through digital marketing is more cost effective compared to traditional marketing methods like Newspaper and TV ads. Communication with customers can be done very effectively while using B2C digital marketing for brand promotion.

Digital Marketing Services

As a Digital Marketing Company, CODE CL provides all types of Digital Marketing Services for b2c and b2b in Kochi. We are a leading web marketing kerala company providing Digital Marketing Consultancy services for businesses like you who need complete support for online sales generation for their products and services and improved profits.

Digital Marketing Agency Service is not just creating a website. It means driving traffic to your website and converting them as your customers by increasing your brand exposure.In addition to the experience and expertise in Digital Marketing Execution, our web marketing kochi team possesses all major certifications like Google Ads Search Certification, Google Ads Display Certification, Google Ads Video Certification, Shopping ads Certification,Google Ads Fundamental Certification, Facebook BluePrint Certification etc.

Why CodeCL

CodeCL offers complete digital expertise in all categories of businesses as a best digital marketing agency in kerala.
Our procedures are based on digital intelligence to project your brand Value and identity. We provide all range of Digital Marketing Services including
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click(PPC), Social Media Marketing(SMM), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Analytics, Online Reputation Management, Digital Branding and eCommerce Marketing Company.

For assured success in Digital Marketing Plan, the integration of mobile platforms must be a prime concern. The percentage of mobile users is growing at a higher pace. It has already overtaken the number of desktop users by this time. It has been estimated that mobile users will cross the 75% mark in the near future.

Benefits From CodeCL

You can benefit from CodeCL’s experience & expertise in all types of Digital Marketing segments using the internet increases your profits
by accelerating your business revenue with lesser marketing expenses. As a leading social media marketing company in Kochi, we can make your social media accounts as the branding and lead generation platform.

We offer best digital advertising agency services in kochi & all over the globe. We have expertise in Google AdWords Marketing Services, PPC, Social Media Ads with minimal cost.We are a leading digital marketing consultant in kochi, Kerala. Digital marketing is the best available option for business growth & increases profits in this internet age. (ROI).

Inbound Marketing Services

Our expertise and experience in all sort inbound marketing channels made us one of the most sought after digital marketing agencies in kochi
We provides inbound marketing services to clents all over the world. We are experts in generating leads and ad management with social media branding.

We offer best business growth services in kochi & all over the globe. Our experienced tem offers better Return on investment (ROI) in all promotional investments including Google Ads.

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Digital Marketing 2020 & Beyond

The future of business depends entirely on digital marketing appropriate. With the advancement of technologies mainly from the internet, it is very difficult to cross the market without the proper help of digital marketing professional, which not only builds your brand but also connects you to your target customers.

Social media and online advertising should be incorporated appropriately to boost your digital marketing in 2020 and beyond.

Every entreprenuer in this internet era must be knowing about the power of of internet marketing to scale up their business without spending a great fortune for it. The best way is to get partnered with a digital agency to grow your business at the eraliest or learning the options to reach the valuable audience who are waiting to buy your products and services. Can use the marketing related articles here as a resource.

With the inbound marketing process, several things can be analysed for example attention of audience engagement entertainment and latent and usefulness. All this seamlessly merged into digital marketing will result in the mutual benefit to both the business and the consumer. As one of the best digital marketing company in kochi, we regularly updates every technology and AI enhancement in the internet world for the best interest of our online marketing and web development clients.

CODE CL is Efficient Modern Professional Experienced Experienced Digital Marketing Agency.

Digital Marketing is the most used marketing method for better results and greater ROI in this internet era. See the list of few important benefits with our best Digital Marketing Agency in Kochi.

Less Interruption

Direct sales activities by knocking the prospect door is a difficult task. In digital marketing, we are presenting our services and products to them without making any interruption to their normal day to day activities.


In digital marketing mode, the service or product is being appeared in front of the client or prospect when they are in search for a need. In some cases this may be displayed based on their interest and activities.


The advertisements in digital marketing are economic compared to traditional marketing channels like TV and Print Media. All the content delivery gadgets are there with the prospect almost all the time like a mobile phone. This can enhance the interaction of them with the promotions and increase engagements with less investment.

Better Sales

In digital marketing services, in most of the cases the client is in buying mode. They may be in need of a related product of service. When the brand appears with the benefits, features and pricing structure in front of this prospect, the buying chance is much higher than the cold calling and direct sales method.

More Trust

Digital marketing companies mainly use search engines and social media as their marketing channels. Most of the customers are present there daily and they feel that the brand is so close to them and can be reached any time with a click of a button from their mobile or lap. They are aware that when a brand with online presence can never be successful with an inferior service or product.

High Retention

Digital Marketing gives a better customer retention and provides a high life time value from them. This can be achieved by retaining customers with continued engagements and regular feedback management activities. Brands can hold the customer interest and give much higher opportunities to offer other products and services without investing much amount.

The best way to grow your business - Start with Digital Marketing!

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Provides All Digital Marketing Agency Company Services In Kochi

We are experts in the all major segments of Digital Marketing Services to Grow Your Business

Digital Marketing, The Growth Platform

Digital Marketing has benefited the world of business development activities for the last few years. It has become the ultimate way of marketing for leading brands and innovative strategy makers, round the globe.

We at CodeCL are dedicated to focus on the growth of your business with least possible investment. It is possible with more than 10 years of association with digital marketing process and channels. Our inhouse proffessionals are experts in all digital marketing service platforms and methods and see the list of few below.

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SEO Services

Search engine optimisation is the lifeline of every digital marketing activities all over the world. This can be done globally irrespective of the location of the business. Clients can access the business website from anywhere in the world 24 X 7. The need of the business is just to be present in the front page of the Google or any search engine to maximise the clicks on the SERP.

Any business can harness the power of SEO irrespective of the size and age of the business. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo & Duckduckgo level the internet playground for both corporates and startups. This makes it possible even for startups to compete with the big business conglomerates to surpass their search engine rankings and CTR to get the business leads through organic traffic. CCL offers SEO marketing in Kochi. Our organic traffic experts ensure a guaranteed increase in traffic & lead generation with our SEO promotion procedures which can ensure long-term business success.


Google Ads

All of us are well aware of the supremacy of Google on the internet. Google is the biggest platform use to generate business from the internet by products and services globally. All admire that investing in Google marketing offers the best return on investment (ROI) with no doubt. Google is the largest digital ad seller in the world last year with more than 30% amounts spent on ads on the internet with Facebook being No 2 earning around half the volume of Google Ads revenue.

The major ad segments on Google is search ads (PPC) and display ads(PPM) . CodeCL is one of the best PPC management companies in Kochi. Our Google Ads marketing services guarantees increased lead generation.

Social Media Marketig Services

CCL is a leading seo & social media promotion company in kochi. We create tailored marketing campaigns for each segment of your audience to help advertise products and services in efforts to efficiently and effectively engage new customers.

leading seo & social media promotion company in kochi,CodeCL

Content Marketing Services

We are experts in content marketing in kochi. Adding relevant content to relevant places of your properties and channels add value to your business. Content marlketing is the base of digital marketing strategy for every online promotion company.

Digital Consultancy Services

We’ve developed an approach to shaping digital strategies for our clients that result in defining priorities. We are one of the best branding agencies in kochi offering Digital Consultancy services.

Our business development team is working directly under our CEO who has expertise in Internet marketing, ecommerce marketing, developing and establishing businesses with more than two decades. We will analyze and suggest the best-suited channels for digital marketing as per the project need. Our digital channel experts ensure the best ROI for the business by ensuring the right media selection and perfect mode of execution.

Email Marketing.

Email Marketing is still growing as one of the major source of lead generation in modern digitalmarketing process. Sending direct emails for business promotion to your subscribers and existing customers is still considered as good channel for effective connection with your targeted audience and gives you the best Return On Investment (ROI).

CodeCL has extensive solutions for promoting your business through email marketing. We offer email marketing platform to run your own email marketing process which is the most economic one available. We offer whitelisted email platforms. We do provide complete email marketing services for ecommerce business from creating converting email content, html email templates, sending email journeys and running email marketing campaigns for your business promotion.

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Transform Visitors To Customers

Digital Marketing is the most cost-effective way to get customers. We are one of the best digital marketing and web development agency in kochi. That's why we can deliver result oriented strategies with quality procedures by our expert and certified team of professionals. We analyze your project needs and execute the best needed solution.

We are experts in executing successful digital marketing and google ads campaigns with the best possible cost-effective way. Ultimately this can ensure to make your business reach out to your desired audience and better conversions.

Best Digital Marketing Agency In Kerala

CodeCL is one of the best ˈdigital marketing companies in kochi. We provide a complete spectrum of digital marketing agency services in Kerala. Most of our activities are based on internet marketing. We are one among the leaders in online advertising and promoters in kochi. We offer social media management company services in India.

Ecommerce marketing Experts

We are experts in digital marketing for ecommerce websites. Code CL provides specialised ecommerce SEO and social media promotions for ecommerce websites. We have dedicated professionals for ecommerce social media marketing and promotion with all types of digital marketing channels.

Blogging is one the most important promotional options for every ecommrec website. CodeCl has an expert team for ecommerce blogging services in most of the segments selling online.

Result Oriented Services

To execute successful Digital Marketing Promotion, you need to promote your website and social accounts and make your site visitors get converted into buyers of your products or services. Being one of the best digital marketing agencies in kochi we are providing online promotion services globally with guaranteed results at par with all Inbound Marketing Companies.

Online Branding Services

Digital Marketing Industry mainly uses 4 methods for lead generation and online branding. We are expert in all these channels and generate convertible leads within the quickest possible time and we are one among the best digital marketing companies in Kochi.

CCL is mainly a Google Marketing Company, as most of our promotional activities are based on this major search engine Google. We are one of the best digital marketing agencies in kerala provides Google Ads Marketing Services (Google AdWords) globally.

Digital Marketing Experts

Experts In All Online Channels

CCL is a Digital marketing solutions company having expertise in all major segments of online business development and branding.

If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Kochi Company for the online promotion of your business, you are in the right place. We are one of the best SEO & Social Media Promotion Company Kochi. We are one of the leaders in Kerala, for all online branding channels like Search Engines (SEO), Social media, Google Ads, Direct emails, Remarketing, Youtube and Blogs. Reach us by clicking the below button.


CCL Has Professional Certified Experienced dedicated Social Media Marketing Experts

Among all Digital Marketing methods, Social Media Promotion is a natural and most economical way to reach new and highly targeted potential customers. We do manageent & promotion with all Major Social Media Sites.


Facebook is the leading social media site where all content formats works very well like text, images, videos, live videos, and Stories. More than two billion monthly active users are there in FB. No digital marketing plans can be successful avoiding facebook Marketing from their online promotion and lead generation programs FB marketing offers better economy also.


With more than 1 billion monthly active users Instagram Marketing strategy has become an important step for every digital promotion campaign for online branding. It offers its full potential in its mobile application with an extensive sharing capabilities for photos, videos, Stories, and live videos and with the latest IGTV services. CCL is an Instagram promotion company in kochi.


In the initial months of 2020, Twitter has 350 million monthly active users with a daily active user of 145 million. Twitter owns a highly engaged user base and activities majorly based on content related. This can be perfectly used for business and branding needs with the majority audience range being between 35 and 65.


YouTube has become another search engine after google by now with more than 2 billion monthly active users. We do complete youtube promotion from creation of the channel branding to do all sort of video promotions including youtube advertisement. You can promote your product and services to grow your business.


Pinterest is a highly visual social media site with importance to images, infographics and Gifs. The added products to the board can bring website visits and e commerce purchases with increased branding and awareness. Pinterest Marketing is a really valuable digital marketing mode with nearly 200 billion pins on over 3 billion boards.


LinkedIn is one of the most important channel to promote B2B buisinesses. Most of the corporate professionals are here and at times can account for 75% of the leads from social media. For starters, LinkedIn allows the creation of personal profiles to connect with professionals on the network and linkedin Marketing offers grat potential to grow your business.

Blog Promotion

CCL offers blog creation and promotion for individuals and corporates. We create blog articles and do all online promotional activities

Local SEO

We have an expert SEO team for local businesses like Restaurants, Brick & Mortar shops, Beauty salons, Dentist and Boutiques.

Ecommerce Promotion

CodeCL has years of experience in creating and marketing Ecommerce projects and has exclusive promotion packages.

YouTube Promotion

Every business must have a YouTube channel for business promotion and we offer all sorts of online video promotions.

Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin has become a leading B2B digital marketing platform and CodeCL provides advertisement services for this channel.

Hotstar Promotion

We can Choose targeting options on the basis of demographics, location, interest etc with Hotstar platform also for Digital Marketing.

Partner With us to Grow Build Profit promote Brand Increase Your Business

Conatct us to know more about the scope, process and marketing investments of Digital Marketing to grow your business. We will give you a complete picture on how to bring sales leads online through SEO, Social Media and Ads.If you got any experience in Digital Marketing, Please provide the specific needs for your projects if possible.

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CODECL is the a leading web development and digital marketing company in Kochi. Our Prime Focus is to Grow Your Business.

We create great websites and related properties on Online Platforms and Social Media Sites with focus on branding & lead generation to grow your business and profits.