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About 24 million online stores world over, make it a highly competitive space to operate in. Winning at e-commerce marketing to drive consistent traffic , convert prospects and retain customers is the way to establish.

At Code CL we are equipped at offering the latest and most efficient practices to help you build an e-commerce brand and get you that competitive edge.

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We ensure our clients get the best service in driving their online marketing campaigns to create an enduring e-commerce brand.

“Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing.”

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The processes involved in driving traffic to an online shopping store to convert prospects into customers and retain them in the long-run are collectively known as e-commerce marketing. The promotional strategies consist of both on-page and off-page tactics to drive traffic to a website and make sales happen.

This kind of online marketing works through a combination of organic and paid efforts to drive traffic to an online store. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the preferred means to attract prospects through Google SERP. While Google & Facebook Ads make use of paid means to get users interested in an e-commerce website.

  • Convenient with round-the-clock availability of products
  • Easy to establish with platforms like Shopify & Squarespace
  • Relatively inexpensive to set-up an online store
  • Ease of doing online research on products of interest
  • Well defined tracking of customer behaviour and sales
  • Reach of the internet makes it easy to operate niche businesses
  • Just a few clicks gets you the product at your doorstep


We have in-house PPC experts who would give your campaigns the required thought and scrutiny for the entirety of the campaign.

High-end Design

Your entire brand packaging would be conceived by our experienced designers for it to stand out from the rest of the competition.

Facebook Knowledge

An expansive user base on the platform requires experiential knowledge to zero-in on the target audience and incorporate practices like retargeting.


We provide a comprehensive approach to SEO to include practices like keyword research, backlinking, site structure and more.

Quality Content

You will have access to our team of content and copywriters who will produce top-notch content to showcase the brand vigour in all campaigns.

Save on Costs

Our services will offer the most cost-effective solutions to campaigns, thereby helping you to save costs in the long term.

CCL, An Ecommerce Promotion Marketing Management Company with Better Understanding.

Effective Ecommerce Campaigns with our in-house experts

Content Marketing

Creating content to attract a target audience is the purpose of content marketing. It does not involve direct selling but educates customers about your products, raises brand awareness and puts you & the website in a thought leadership position. This can take the shape of blogs, articles, infographics, GIFs, images and even videos.

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When done purposefully, it helps create a community of followers with healthy brand loyalty. Brands that have successfully done it have been instrumental in creating meaningful and informative content to engage the target audience on a regular basis. This type of content can be equally leveraged to promote your brand and the audience do not find it intrusive rather it helps them make informed choices. Doing it consistently produces visitors including YouTube audience who can be turned into customers.

Referral Marketing

We all are social creatures, who enjoy sharing our positive experiences with family and friends. Referral or word-of-mouth marketing involves spreading the word about your brand or product with the help of available tools of online marketing .

The process is driven by an underlying incentive for the person who initiates the share on a network. The incentive again depends on the type of product you are promoting, it can range from a discount coupon to a cash incentive, adapt strategically. The crucial phase in a referral process is promotion. Treat it like a product launch, share it on your social handles, send emails to your subscribers and request all your past customers to opt-in. Maximum outreach also enhances your brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Email is the preferred form of communication among serious marketers. In fact, Email produces an incredible ROI of 3800%, which is a rare metric, outperforming other online strategies. You can send emails to get in touch with your customers & prospects about - new product launches, abandoned shopping carts or simply encourage them to browse through your new product catalogue.

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The essential component in email marketing for e-commerce companies is about creating an email list. You have to build your list through aggressive promotion of your newsletter, blog, e-book, or promotional offers on your site. Once a critical number of subscribers are in place, you can be assured of more opt-ins. Experiment with different kinds of promotional emails when you have an established base of subscribers.

Instagram Marketing

It is estimated that 65% of users are actively seeking to purchase directly on Instagram. Being an e-commerce outfit and not having a solid presence on the platform can make you miss out on a lot of sales opportunities. Instagram being a visual medium perfectly aligns with the needs of e-commerce marketing to become extensions of your product catalogues. So ecommerce marketing on Instagram is an essential ingredient in every ecommrce promotin campaigns primarily with products for young audience.

The platform requires you to nurture your followers, keep them engaged and nudge them to purchase. Being a pay-to-play platform it becomes necessary that you create quality content and consistently remain engaged with your audience to get maximum ROI. Be doing this without lapses will help you create a growing account on the platform. Giveaways and influencer outreach are other ways to increase engagement on Instagram.

Facebook Ads

Facebook with an active user base of 2.6 billion continues to be the most popular social network in the world. The platform helps you target, audience based on their demographics, interests, behaviours and even life events.

You can affect direct sales or can drive traffic to one of your digital assets like a blog. You can use Facebook promotion at any stage of their sales funnel. While creating & running ads, remain vigilant about the following factors:

  • Images & Text: Use bright colours other than blue and white to prevent your brand from blending with Facebook colours. Add powerful words and phrases to grab attention.
  • Multiple Ads: Run multiple ads of different variations to find the best converting ads and keep refreshing the ads to prevent ad fatigue.

User-Generated Content

Ecommerce websites can actively encourage their customers to regularly contribute their content to be included on the various online channels of the website. This will help to increase the engagement and helps establish trust among the target audience for the brand.

Customers get exposure for their content and the brand gets ideal content that evokes more trust among the audience. Other forms of UGC such as reviews and testimonials (photos & videos) make the brand better connected to its core audience and raise the level of believability for claims made by the brand. This strategy can find more appeal when implemented through collaboration with micro-influencers. Content created by influencers are deemed trustworthy and it will be consumed readily by the target audience.

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Ecommerce Marketing Agency Startegy

We at CCL aim for tailor-made marketing campaigns for our clients that separate us from the regular campaigns run by other agencies. Our past campaigns have proven beneficial to our clients by helping them to acquire increased brand awareness, loyalty, conversion and sales.

We provide tangible results through validated digital strategies through organic content and paid advertising on relevant platforms. By partnering with CCL, you will be offered nuanced and growth-led strategies that will build an enduring e-commerce brand.

CCL is An Ecommerce Marketing Management Promotion by Industry Pioneers.

Partner with us for Structured Ecommerce Campaigns

CCL Is An Ecommerce marketing Company from Ideation to Implementation

We offer a complete range of services for e-commerce marketing!

Unmatched Ecommerce Campaigns

We look at all aspects of your website to deliver campaigns that are not only effective but also provide you with value for money.

By incorporating all the relevant practices associated with e-commerce marketing, we provide you with a customized campaign that serves you the best.

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Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Setting up an online shop is easy with the easy availability of ready-made templates & platforms. But, driving traffic and generating sales does not come easy. We believe your interests are best served by associating with us to turn your website into a profitable venture.

We have the necessary resources & expertise to offer you the best in e-commerce marketing services with a proven track record.

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CCL, Start generating Profits Gain with your Ecommerce Website.

Our marketing campaigns aim to improve the bottom-line.

Competitive Analysis

Our first step for an e-commerce campaign is to study the brand and understand the current situation. We do this through SWOT analysis – helping us perceive the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats to your brand. In-depth knowledge of all these factors helps us formulate the right strategies for the brand.

Examine Opportunities

We study the revenue opportunity for the website because a single company is not capable of capturing the entire market. By understanding the ‘Total Available Market’ (TAM), it becomes easier to set revenue goals for the future. Also, questions about the dynamics of the market for a product become clearer – whether the demand for a product is diminishing or growing.

Know the Customer

Do not go by gut instinct about your customer. Have a robust strategy to create buyer personas for a better understanding of customers and their behaviour. You can base your profile on age, occupation, location, hobbies and more. You would have a better frame of reference to engage with the customer to improve relationships & acquire new customers.


Our campaigns are based on SMART goals to measure our success. This means we emphasize on Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound (SMART) goals. This makes your campaign grounded in reality to not chase metrics that are unachievable considering the circumstances, available resources and the business we are serving.

Select Tactics

Once we have goals in place, we proceed to choose the specific tactics that will improve the business from the current state to a desired future state. It can be a variety of actions that could include creating a landing page, sending emails, publishing content, engaging on twitter, purchasing PPC ads. We ensure each tactic takes us closer to the goals.

Optimize Plan

A good plan should have room for changes. We ensure that our plans are not rigid and can be adapted in line with emerging circumstances. It does not mean we are constantly on the look-out for bringing changes into the original plan; rather we seek to incorporate strategies and tactics that bring in the best results in a given time frame.

CCL, The Informed-Choice for to on Ecommerce Marketing

Integrate the Best Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Sites

Easy Usage

We optimize client websites so that it caters to a positive experience for the customer by ensuring design & usage elements on the website are intuitive.

Think Visually

Ecommerce websites have limitations compared to a physical store while optimizing websites we make serious efforts at creating a visual experience.

Abandoned Shopping Cart

We ascertain the reason behind act through a polite email requesting the customer to complete the transaction or recommend them other products on site.

Drive Sales with PPC

Use PPC ad strategy to capture the audience with high buying intent. We mostly include long-tail keywords that drive better traffic and keep CPC low.

Advertise on Social Media

Social media is a powerful medium to reach people and drive sales. We choose paid ads based on the type of business we are catering (B2B or B2C) to.

Personalize Experience

We make use of personalization to a good extent in delivering customized messages (ads or email) to a targeted audience based on their interests & past actions.

Optimize for Mobile

53% of all retail e-commerce sales would be through mobiles, we are equipped at creating a responsive design for easy navigation supporting all devices.

Video Marketing

To overcome the limitations of an online store - video is a sales multiplier, offering insight about products to the audience to induce a purchase decision.

Optimize Visual Search

We are receptive about the visual aspect of e-commerce and have the expertise to optimize a website for visual search providing prospects with options to search.

Ecommerce Marketing for the Focussed Successful Progressive Entrepreneur

We ensure that all components that go into making a successful e-commerce campaign are given due consideration for developing a seamless Social Media Promotion Company campaign. And, they are optimized and refined until desired results are obtained. For us, the journey is as important as the Destination.