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Email remains relevant as ever for every digital marketing campaign with close to 4 billion email users sending out & receiving an estimated 306 billion emails every day. Email continues to be the preferred form of communication among people world over, making Email marketing an inevitable means for business outreach & Corporate Branding.

We provide bulk email marketing service in cochin, Kerala. As the email marketing services agency, at Code CL, we understand the importance of email marketing for brands and continue to advocate our customers to trust it as their preffered direct marketing channel. We have specialised team for ecommerce email marketing promotion.

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Better Business Outreach For Code CL with Email Marketing

Reach out better to customers and prospects alike!

CODE CL Is A Professional Leading Email Marketing Company.

We are a leading service provider in email marketing company, kochi providing proven email marketing solutions and Social Media and online branding of your business.

“Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing.”

Chris Brogan CEO


A form of direct marketing, where a brand sends commercial messages to existing subscribers, with the purpose of increasing sales and brand loyalty along with valuable information about the brand. Being relatively inexpensive and better reach makes it a favoured marketing practice among many small and big brands alike.

People generally want to stay updated about brands they admire. Email marketing is one of the direct means to stay engaged with that audience. When used effectively, it stands to increase trust among your customers and help brands find repeat customers. A favoured brand needs to consistently send messages on the latest in sales and promotions for conversions.

  • Builds healthy traffic to your website.
  • Cost effective when compared with other means
  • Impact & effectiveness can be easily measured
  • People still prefer email for marketing communications
  • Target customers based on interests through list segmentation
  • Build credibility among customers with useful & informative content.

  • Copywriter

    We at CCL provide you with the services of a team of copy and content writers to craft your message in the most meticulous manner.

    Combined Effort

    At CCL we provide you with a team for email marketing involving designers and writers to make the final message look immaculately polished.


    We pay good attention to your competitors to gain knowledge on their mail strategies to imbibe best practices.


    We ensure that we understand the brand and your domain for a guaranteed email strategy for impactful campaigns.

    Target Audience

    We launch effective mail campaigns for clients by being thoroughly knowledgeable about everything on your target audience.

    A/B Testing

    We do not leave anything to chance and regularly conduct A/B testing of email variations to improve the effectiveness of campaigns.

    CCL Completely Understands realize Manage your Email Marketing Needs



    The Mailchimp email marketing service is the most popular email marketing software the world over for its forever free email marketing service plan. The service is ideal for Small and Medium Business enterprises who want to do email marketing on a small budget. Most of the tools and templates are available in the free account.

    Email marketing and campaign management in kochi,codecl

    You can send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers with the free account and it does include features like send-time optimization, advanced segmentation, and multi-variate testing. This apart the service comes with an autoresponder, audience segmentation, and analytics and can be integrated with Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, and many other platforms. As for the paid plan, it starts from $10/ month for up to 500 subscribers and price increases with the addition of each set of 500 subscribers.


    Convertkit email marketing service is meant for professional bloggers, authors and marketers and is quite easy to use and efficient for a mail service platform. The salient feature about the service is that you can offer exclusive content (content upgrade) and incentives for email sign-up.

    Email marketing and campaign management in kochi,codecl

    Normally, an email service provider (ESP) charges you based on the size of your email list, however - this service will charge you only for unique subscribers. This means no double counting of the same person who subscribes via multiple sign-ups. You can easily segment the audience based on actions into ‘interested’ and ‘existing customers’ and can send automated personalized emails to increase conversions. The service offers a 14-day free trial and the paid services start at $29/month.


    AweberESP was started way back in 1998 and continues to remain a popular service among users. It allows the creation of a mailing list and captures data (IP address) from users who opt-in as subscribers. You can design newsletters using HTML templates and automate your emails using autoresponders.

    Email marketing and campaign management in kochi,codecl

    Aweber gets easily integrated to most platforms including Wordpress. Helps build responsive landing pages, manages contacts and has tracking tools. The company has helped more than a million customers to reliably connect with their prospects and customers. The company offers a 30-day free trial and pricing starts at $19/month.


    Drip is an enterprise-level marketing platform specifically designed for e-commerce email marketing, bloggers and digital promotion. It can be well integrated into popular website builders such as Wordpress & WooCommerce.

    Intelligent marketing automation tools, smarter email segmenting, split testing and visual workflow builder make it stand out among ESPs. You can send bulk messages with the platform while connecting and engaging with each customer on a personal level through their eCommerce marketing automation. The company offers a free trial and it is a bit pricey at $49/month to include all features.


    This platform is particularly suited for Small and Medium Business (SMB) enterprises who are short on budget but still want to run their email marketing campaigns. The service comes with both a free version and a free trial. With the free version, you are able to send 300 emails per day with their branding. It can very well be termed as an alternative to Mailchimp.

    Email marketing and campaign management in kochi,codecl

    SendinBlue comes with a simple drag-and-drop email editor, A/B testing, SMS, email templates and analytics. The paid version of the software starts at $25/month includes features like landing page builder, CRM to manage your contact information, live chat and Facebook ad integration.


    Constant Contactemail service comes across as a user-friendly platform that easily manages email lists, contacts, email templates and marketing calendar. Each email account comes with easy tracking and reporting, built-in social media sharing tools, free image library, Facebook ad integration and eCommerce integration for Shopify stores.

    Email marketing and campaign management in kochi,codecl

    The Email plus account has email automation, drip campaigns, surveys & polls, and A/B testing to improve click-open rates. We believe it is best for SMB enterprises, as it comes with a price tag starting at $20/month and with capacity for 500 contacts. The platform also offers a 60-day free trial.

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    Email Marketing Strategy

    An email marketing strategy starts with the understanding that it outperforms strategies like SEO, PPC and content marketing. Consequently, our efforts are focussed on delivering the optimum results through an email campaign. Our strategy broadly follows 5-steps:

  • Treat the email list as an asset, and all our efforts are based around that list.
  • Choose an email automation tool that caters to the needs & budget of a brand
  • Craft personalised & professional messages to get maximum click-open rates
  • Go through the post-campaign analytics data to look for emerging trends
  • Use the performance reports to improve the campaign next time around
  • We Are Expert Promotional Direct Newsletter Email Marketing Company Kerala

    Get most out of your email campaign.

    CCL delivers Consistent Success in Email Marketing

    Assured Email Marketing Campaigns!

    Email Campaign Experts

    We come with over a decade of experience in email marketing with email template design and have delivered on our strategies with terrific results.

    We are averse to complacency and understand the dynamics of a growing domain that calls for original solutions with every client.

    Start Campaign Now

    Email Marketing Campaign Agency

    We bring together the best minds in Inbound Marketing with a demonstrated history of producing tangible results for all our clients in email promotion, both in the past and in the present. We devote our time to understand brands well to come up with novel email design and content strategies that work.

    We remain true to the belief that consistent consultations at the beginning of a project help in shaping the results better designing perfect eamil journies and specific content to suit the target audience of a brand.

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    Launch your Email Marketing with Confidence Trust with CODE CL

    CODE CL has every element of expertise including a marketing team to run email campaigns successful and to produce outstanding results.

    The Subject Line

    Common understanding dictates that the subject line in the mail ranks above everything else. Well, it is the first thing a user gets to see when he receives mail. Spend time crafting your subject line - it has to grab attention at the same time and sound interesting. Avoid sticking to convention and experiment a little for fresh ideas.

    Web Copy

    Email writing and writing copy for the web have similar approaches. Care needs to be taken that you follow a logical structure, short paragraphs and restrict to one idea per paragraph. Use bullets and subheadings to make the email more presentable. Conversely, a text-heavy email might be very persuasive but may not find many readers.

    Be Polite

    An email is there to be read and gimmicks cannot give you intended results. It is best to avoid caps and exclamation marks in the subject line and in the body of the mail. Using them over a consistent period of time can get you bracketed as a spammer to directly affect your email open rate. Remain safe and grab attention with what you want to convey.

    Psychological Tactics

    Any kind of marketing involves covert use of elements from psychology. Humans are known to behave in predictable ways to certain stimuli. Email marketing campaigns uses such tactics to create converting marketing copy. Factors like fear of missing out (FOMO), colour choices, emotional faces in emails and social proof – all can be included for a successful campaign.

    Reveal Identity

    Your mail is sent on a company’s behalf but it is important that the person receiving mail knows who is sending it. Ensure that you have a person behind the message, this helps subscribers to form a connection with the brand helping your conversions. By giving a face to the message strengthens the bond between the customer and the brand.

    Landing Pages

    Your mail content may be ready to be sent. But it is equally important to think beyond the email. What about the landing page? The best option is to create a new landing page for a new campaign for the highest conversions. Your email copy should sync with what is on the landing page. It should speak of a specific offer, prompting the user to engage in an intended action.

    CCL Delivers Provides Implement Solid Email Marketing for SMB Enterprises

    Tangible Outreach through Email Campaigns can be made possible through solid email marketing service thereby increasing sales three times faster than normal especially for e-commerce projects.

    Work on Email List

    We work on building your email list to a critical number through a lead magnet (e.g. EBook), contests, content upgrades, and sign-ups on Facebook.

    Opt-in Forms

    Getting more subscribers is key to a successful campaign. We create & design opt-in forms to get attention that encourages people to sign-up.

    Define Goals

    Good email marketing starts with clear cut goals like seeking new subscribers, boosting engagement, and nurturing existing subscribers.

    Know the Audience

    We value our experience in understanding the target audience for a brand. Also, we use data from Google Analytics & Facebook Insights.

    Email Design

    We remain conscious of good email design as it reflects directly on the brand. Also, we use responsive email templates that adapt to all devices.

    Email Types

    We usually send out three email types to prolong the engagement with subscribers - promotional, relational and transactional emails.

    Leverage Technology

    We choose technology for email automation very carefully to get the most of our email campaigns , especially features that enhance outreach.

    Follow-Up Mails

    Once you have got new subscribers, it is crucial to follow up with emails that are relevant, interesting, and valuable.

    Track Results

    We go through the analytics offered by the email service providers to monitor performance indices such opens, clicks, unsubscribes and forwards.

    CCL, The Trusted Email Marketing Partner Associate Supporter

    Email may be old but not outdated, it continues to outperform online strategies and can be trusted means for business outreach. We at CCL ensure our email campaigns deliver maximum value for money for our clients. Go with the DEFINITIVE CAMPAIGN AGENCY!