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98% of search on the internet in India is done on Google, and getting visibility on the platform can do wonders for a brand. Although SEO is the organic way of reaching high rank, Google Ads is the paid means to attain a high rank on the search page in digital marketing campaigns.

At Code CL we provide the best services for brands to win with Google as an ad platform. We believe we are best placed to deliver unmatched services with Google Ads.

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Code CL is Winner among Google Ad Agencies in Kochi.

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Code CL is a Value-Driven Leading Google Ad Agency in Kochi

We are the foremost agency providing a full range of Google Ad services for SMB enterprises to build guaranteed campaigns online.

“Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing.”

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Whenever you carry out a search on Google, it returns with search results. Some of the results on top & bottom of the page are actually ads paid for by businesses related to the keywords used for that specific search. Google Ads is a paid advertising platform run by Google enabling paid search.

Advertisers who want to display their ads on Google take part in an online auction for keywords. This bid is based on how much the advertiser is willing to pay for a Google user to click on their ad. The amount combined with a Quality score assigned by Google decides which ads appear on the search results page.

  • Google controls 75% of Search (2020) bringing brand visibility.
  • Google Ads converts better than organic search results
  • Average ROI is about 200% or 2:1
  • Worldwide, 95% of users see Google Ads
  • 65% of clicks results done by an audience intent on buying

  • In-House

    Our team has good knowledge of CPC ranges, conversion rates and such to save you a lot of time and effort. We have a special team of Ecommerce Ad experts to increase your ROI.

    Specialized Knowledge

    We, through our regular interactions with Google, have aquired specialized knowledge on all aspects of Google Ads with high expertise in search engine marketing.

    Regular Updates

    Google Ads as a platform is evolving continuously; we remain up-to-date on all such happenings and incorporate only the latest techniques for all clients for their corporate branding & promotion.

    Brand Growth

    Growing a brand online can be challenging, to say the least, partnering with us gives you the time to focus on your priorities in the business combining google promotion with Social Media Promotion.

    Fresh Perspective

    Being associated with a brand from the start can lead you to overlook challenges and opportunities, working with us bring in fresh ideas and perspectives. We do have excellent team speciallised in video marketing.

    Professional Approach

    An in-house team is always limited by numbers, however, we have separate departments to execute and implement strategies to bring in unmatched service delivery in Inbound Marketing Campaigns.

    CCL gets you the Most Better More out of Google Ads among Agencies.

    CCL Provides Complete Range of Services for Google Ads

    Keyword Planner

    This is a tool within the Google Ad services and is used to find the most relevant keywords for your product or service. It gives exact ideas on the most searched keywords to finalize a set of words with most relevance; these are then inserted into the ad copy for better click-through. Again your click-through is dependent on which keywords you bid on. The expensive words tend to depict high buyer intent compared to the inexpensive ones.

    Goog le add campaign management in kochi,codecl

    If you are confident about conversions with an expensive keyword, you should rightfully bid for it. As a tool keyword planner helps you to expand existing campaigns, search volume trends, keyword trends, competition, bidding and much more. We at CCL with our experience and knowledge in Google Ads make the most productive use of the keyword planner.

    Google Ads Editor

    This is a free downloadable program that comes along with Google ads; it helps you with a number of bulk editing tasks within Google Ads, such as:

  • Raise and lower bids easily for keywords
  • Copy large sections of campaigns while improving specific areas
  • Make bulk changes to URLs when multiple changes in the campaign are required
  • Overall, the Ads editor enables the user to see the ad performance in a dashboard format.

    Google Reach Planner

    We at CCL also cater to video ads on YouTube and Google Partner sites. This is a Google Ads campaign planning tool that enables users to predict the reach and frequency of video campaigns on YouTube and Partner video sites. Google ad and campaign management in kochi,codecl

    The tool provides reach data for all devices, audiences and video formats. The focus here is to recommend which ad video formats work best based on your marketing objectives, budget and ad preferences. We have all the necessary expertise to implement this tool in-house, in case you want to shift your brand focus towards video campaigns.


    This is an exercise of online advertising, wherein visitors who have visited your website are shown targeted ads while browsing other sites (Google Partners). The visitors are shown the ads while they check out YouTube videos or read news online. The idea behind the practice is to enhance brand recall and it is believed that the audience familiar with a brand is likely to have higher buyer intent.

    The mechanism here is to embed a piece of code into your website for the visitors to become part of the remarketing audience through browser cookies. The Google partner network is quite vast and reaches 92% of all internet users. Best results are seen when remarketing is done on narrow segments of the audience. In other words, separate remarketing lists for different products to target specific buyer intent.

    Google Ad Extensions

    This is an avenue provided by Google to stand out in a crowded online market space from your rivals. It includes additional information along with your ad to make it more useful for users. It can include contact numbers, links to website, seller reviews etc. You have to make wise choices to make the ad relevant to the intended audience. The service comes at no additional cost and in most cases is automated, with an option for customizing to include your preferences. Some of the extensions include:

  • Site Link Extensions: Additional links in the advert that would take the user directly to the specific page on your website.
  • Callout Extensions: Additional descriptive text on text ads that aren’t clickable and would have special attributes related to your business
  • Click to Text Extensions: Made for the audience using mobiles, provides a swift way to connect.
  • We became one of the best YouTube branding and promotion agencies in kochi with a dedicated team of content creators and video promotion experts for the last 4 years. We are offering services on channel creation and promotion for corporates and individual professionals and performers.

    Google Click to Call

    This is designed especially for mobile users, wherein a Google search would provide a clickable phone number which can auto-dial the advertiser/ brand. In turn, the advertiser is charged the price of an Ad words click. Given the amount of real-estate for adverts on mobile screens, it becomes practical for brands to do away with the listing of a physical address in Google Ads.

    This presents a great option for brands who want to track and monetize mobile internet-driven phone leads. It is uniquely innovative for anyone experimenting with mobile advertising who seek transparent and performance-based solutions. At CCL, we do provide this service along with Google Ads as calls often translate to a sale, it is loaded with possibilities.

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    Google Ads Agency Startegy

    Our strategy begins by focussing on understanding your business with its complexities, economics and target audience. Through discerning your position in the marketplace, we try to get a grasp on your competition through their digital presence.

    We discover challenges and opportunities based on our research and use that to the brand’s advantage. In addition, we study your digital assets and past activity on Google accounts to perceive any valuable trend that can be made use of.

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    Business can uncover their marketing potential with the effective use of Google Ads

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    Google Ads Campaign Agency

    We are a company with a demonstrated history of successful campaigns under our belt. It has become an essential part of our work culture to deliver on visible results and we don’t mind about being overly particular about the same.

    Our relentless pursuit for results makes us diligent in studying the brand before framing a qualified strategic solution.

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    Google Ads Campaign Specialists

    We have in-house campaign strategists with a wealth of experience to cater to your online marketing demands.

    Our team consists of certified professionals who are privy to the subtleties of campaign management on Google Ads platform.

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    CCL Builds Brands in Quick-time Short-time with Google Ads

    We optimize Google Accounts Structure for best results with Google Ads


    Depending on marketing goals, you can select a campaign. These range from the most popular ‘search’ based to ‘display’ campaigns for brand awareness. Campaign type is followed by settings – location, language, bid strategy (manual or automatic) and budget. Budget is decided on – Cost per Click (CPC), how many clicks can your budget support?

    Ad Groups

    Under campaign comes ad groups that are organized by a common theme. There can be many ad groups, but it is a good idea to restrict their number (less than 10) for keeping budget under control & worthwhile results. Ad groups contain keywords that trigger text ads which direct the visitor to the landing page.

    Landing Pages

    Last in the list is the landing page, where potential prospects get directed to after clicking the Google Ad. It is important to keep the landing page as relevant as possible reflecting not only the keywords but also the ad text from the SERP. Landing page relevancy and optimization are crucial for delivering intended results with PPC.


    Keywords are important in controlling the way the ad is triggered. Any search query in Google is matched to a keyword to trigger your text ad. Each keyword comes with Max CPC, keyword match type, and quality score. It is important to do in-depth keyword research and a good understanding of keyword-match type for a precise keyword strategy.

    Negative Keywords

    While other agencies might overlook this aspect, we place special emphasis on this to cut costs. In cases where there is the use of broad match and/ or modified broad match keywords, your ad is likely to show on the most irrelevant search queries matching your keywords. Hence, we prefer keeping a negatives list.

    Ad Text

    It is a standard text ad that appears when the ad is triggered. Each ad group has mainly 2-3 text ads that direct the visitor to the same landing page. All text ads adhere to the Adwords guidelines for them to be approved. A quality advert will consist of major benefits and offerings of the product to remain ahead in marketing.

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    We have more than a decade of experience in this business and we have seen Google grow to become what it is today. Honestly, we are the most matured among agencies in Kerala to handle your brand with Google Ad Services. And it is only a call away - CALL NOW.