The way people are doing their shopping is changing all the time. No longer is it a necessity to make the trek out to the supermarket on a weekend for the ‘big shop’. Now you can simply order online and have it delivered at your convenience or collect it from you nearest Supermarket. Also Christmas shopping is becoming easier with all the major retailers having online stores with delivery or local collection available. However one thing that is not getting easier is the cost of shopping and Christmas. Many things are getting more expensive. Children always want the most up to date toy, the best trainers, clothes and general stuff. However the recent recession has not made it easy on parents to be able to provide this.

There are many ways that people can ease this burden though. From coupon codes, discount vouchers and other offers that many retailers use to entice customers to incentive websites that give away things for free to people who complete surveys and offers. Let me explain how these could help you save money this Christmas.

Voucher Codes

Voucher codes such as the ones found on this website and others on the Internet provide retailers with an opportunity to give discounts on particular products or services. These are usually to help drive sales and to increase brand awareness. Although it means a slight dip in profits for the short term the retailers believe that it will increase the amount of return shoppers therefore increasing turnover in the long run.

Many major brands and stores offer these vouchers and if you know where to look for them you can save lots of money on nearly all of your online shopping. Some Coupon Code websites work closely with the retailers to get exclusive offers that you can only get from that particular website. These are sometimes difficult to find and when you come across a site like this it is always beneficial to keep it bookmarked so that you can check the site again the next time you shop.

These websites usually have a newsletter you can sign up to and they will send you weekly updates of the latest offers available and these can help you save lots of cash too.


Incentives can be given in two different ways. The first being the one we are all familiar with, Free gifts with purchases such as mobile phone. Many mobile phone providers offer a gift of an electronic gadget in return for taking out a slightly more expensive contract than you would normally take out. Although the total cost to the consumer is usually less than actually buying the PS3, Wii, HDTV etc. it gives the mobile provider the opportunity to keep a long standing customer and maintain a steady income from that customer, click here now to know more.

Other ways to get incentives are from Incentive or Freebie Networks. Many people believe these are scam sites and there are many reasons people may believe this. However there are some out there that are genuine. I have used 3 in the past few years personally and have received over £6000 in Free Stuff. The 3 networks I have used are FreebieJeebies, Kudos Network and Xpango. All three of these companies are registered in the UK and follow strict policies and procedures to protect it’s customers. They all have a strict anti-spam policy and so will not bombard you with emails and messages. They will send only a monthly newsletter and sometimes will send you a mail to confirm orders.

The way these sites work is simple. A retailer gives them commission for sending customers their way. Therefore they have offers available on the site for their customers to try. If a customer does one of the offers they are rewarded with a credit. The credits can be built up and used to exchange for a top of the range item delivered straight to your door for free. In order to gain further credits you need to spread the word and send more customers their way. This is the main reason people believe this to be a scam. However it isn’t a lot of people just find it difficult to get people to sign up for them and so give up and blame the Network for their failure.

I admit it is not easy but with gifts starting as low as 2 credits on some networks you can find out if it works for yourself relatively easily. Xpango and Freebiejeebies also allow customers to sign up to multiple offers themselves in order to earn extra credits for themselves without the need to refer people to the site. This makes it much easier to get the gift of your choice at a much cheaper price than buying it at the local store.