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Code CL is one of the best SEO Company in Kochi providing affordable seo services. We help our clients to get needy customers with SEO and earch engine marketing plan. In this process, we are doing everything on your website to be found on the SERPs with Google search engine optimization (SEO) and other online promotion methods.

We provide increased traffic and lead generation to your website for the services and products you offer, with our expert seo analysis and unparalleled professional SEO services. We have special SEO proffessional for white label SEO services for clients all over the world.

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CCL Is An Expert SEO Agency In Kochi!

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CODE CL Is Experienced Leading SEO Company in Kerala.

Organic traffic is the best possible option to get a long-term marketing strategy to grow your business . We are an experienced SEO agency in kochi.

“Nowadays, Working on SEO is like changing the goal posts just before the player is about to shoot at goal in soccer game after all the efforts by dribbling and passing the ball”



According to wikipedia, “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of websites or a web page to users of a web search engine.

An SEO company provides seamless organic SEO services to help businesses make them appear in the leading Search Engines when users search for the particular brand, product or related services . We are experienced and certified SEO engineers to work on the pages and off the pages of your website to ensure it drives traffic from all major search engines in the world by bringing to the top SERP results.

What are the benefits of SEO Services?SEO offers unmatched benefits in terms of business development. It silently creates the online branding for your services and products by appearing in front of a needy customer. And bring leads with better conversion rates to grow your business. Nowadays, the world believes Google more than anything else while searching for a product or service. This is because Google is focussing and investing on refining their algorithm to provide the best and accurate results to their customers for the searches they do.

Better User Experience

All SEO processes have focused on providing relevant information, related photos or videos with relevant content and easy to navigate web pages. This makes the site more user friendly.

More Sales Leads

SEO is the most effective lead generation method for any inbound marketing strategy when combined with Google Ads. It works best in all segments like B2B and B2C. SEO works best promoting local businesses .

Higher Conversion

SEO offers a very high conversion rate compared to any traditional marketing methods. This is because the leads coming from this organic traffic is based on the high belief on google SERP.

Better Traffic to Site

The good SEO ranking of SERP results ensures a very high click through rate (CTR) for your website. This top search position on any search engine website can guarantee better branding.

Enhance Brand Value

Brand Awareness is the best advantage businesses enjoy when their products and services are found easily in top search engine results. When you can hang there on top, you can establish the leadership.

Increases Social Media Fans

Through SEO your website visits increase and there is a high chance to hit the social buttons and follow them. Additionally your social link can appear on top Search results and support social media promotion

CCL, A Leader In SEO Promotion Marketing Management In Kochi...

We have dedicated seo professionals to drive traffic to your site at the earliest and brings convertible organic leads.
We execute micro level expertise in every elements of seo


Over a decade, CCL is an expert SEO company kochi providing assured and economic SEO services in India and many countries. Our SEO professionals are well experienced in all aspects like SEO promotion, SEO audit, SEO strategy building, technical SEO, off page SEO, SEO consultancy, content marketing, SEO consultancy, Local SEO and more.

Our highly skilled experts can provide guaranteed branding by creating and curating your website to gain a higher ranking in google. We focus on your target audience by focusing search intents to avail your services or to buy your products. We are one of the leading SEO agencies in the digital marketing and business development industry. We are regularly updating our certifications, resources and employing the latest SEO tools. We associate with our clients and do performance based long term agreement and hence provide guaranteed results.

CCL Drives Quality Traffic

SEO is not about just getting traffic to our website. Nowadays the Google algorithm is capable of analysing the motive behind every search conducted on the internet, the ‘search intent’. The searches on the internet can be done for buying as well as for educational research needs or knowledge search. We provides one of the best seo service in kochi which can attract quality traffic for lead generation.

Our research and technical team is capable of bringing the right and relevant traffic to the websites according to the SEO strategy which has been created during the initial process.The real intent of doing SEO is not being the number one but to receive tons of relevant traffic to grow your business. As a leading seo experts in kochi, we focus our SEO efforts on the purchase intent searches which can increase the chances to grow your sales leads and hence your business.

Success in SEO

There is no meaning in creating a beautiful website if your prospects couldn’t see it when they were searching for a related service or products you sell. So bringing the website to the top results of Google or any search engine is the dream of every business branding online. We analyse the present status of your website in terms of organic presence in SERPs.

A perfect SEO strategy and flawless execution to bring your brand to top of the search engines, will generate more sales oriented leads compared to social media promotion. As an SEO Company, we will do the optimization process and curate the website content as on when needed.

Local Seo Services

Code CL a special team to handle local seo company services. We are experts in local search engine optimization and local seo for small businesses. We provide very economic local SEO packages to generate calls and enquiries from local customers for your services.We are one of the leading dental seo companies globally.

Generating traffic from the nearby locality and from the catchment area of a local business is very important for businesses like Restaurants, Fitness centers, Beauty salons, Dental Clinics, Super Markets, Vegetable shops, Bakery Shops, Boutiques and Day Care Centers. Code CL is one of the best local seo agency in kerala.

Expert SEO Team

CCL has a team of expert SEO professionals who conducts regular SEO website audit which is now termed as seositecheckup among SEO experts. We do on page SEO and off page optimization as per the report of based on the seo checkup.

SEO analysis is conducted with highly professional SEO tools by our expert optimisation team ensuring the right keywords are in top SERP results. We mainly focus on traffic generating keywords which can create leads to convert the visitors into sales. Our seo services in kochi benefitted a lot of clinets from different segments.

Best SEO Packages

With our decade of experience and the best available analytics and SEO tools with Artificial Intelligence support, CCL can offer most effective and economic SEO packages. We are experts in identifying the most suitable keywords which can bring the relevant traffic to your website.

This can increase your website visits with least possible investment and can reduce your long term marketing budget. Code CL is a best search engine optimization company kochi with best packages to generate valuable online business leads . We have best affordable seo packages kerala.

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SEO for Website Redesigning

Redesigning a website is a greater challenge to SEO professionals. It will be more complicated when it's being migrated to a new domain. It requires a lot of planning and expertise to keep the SEO status without damaging SERP results of website URLs.

Need to take the needed precautions without fail and Code CL is experts in moving and redesigning the websites without losing the existing web traffic.

We are one of the very few leading seo companies in kochi having expertise in website redesigning without losing the existing search engine rankings.

CCL Brings the right traffic Sales Leads for better profits

We committed to focus on these major 4 pillars of every SEO marketing process which is important in bringing better ranking and relevant traffic to websites.

Drive Local traffic to your website with CODE CL!

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Our SEO Services

CCL offers guaranteed SEO services and provide service as SEO consultant for all sort of businesses around the globe. Get enrolled with us & grow your business.

We have dedicated and experienced SEO professionals and seo content writing experts for web site ranking to drive quality organic traffic for all business categories like B2B, B2C, Hospital, Ecommerce, FMCG, College, Schools, Dental Clinic, Restaurant, Hotel, Legal Service, Doctor, Insurance, Photography, Event, Fitness, Beauty, News and software products.

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We will be working with you as one of your team to execute the suggestions based on the analysis and will do the content recommendations needed to get leads online. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the most coveted long term lead generation strategy on the internet for modern businesses now.

CCL is the search engine optimization company kochi providing increased traffic and lead generation to your website for the services you offer through our best SEO services. Organic traffic with white hat seo is the best possible option to get long-term business success.

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We Do Successful Seo To Grow Increase Your Business

CODE CL team has expertise in setting right and bringing up every element to bring your brand up
through successful SEO. See a few lists below.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority was just a rank on links earlier. But this has been based on the factors Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T.). E A T is the new version of Domain Authority now and we do focus to enhance this for better rankings.

Visual Search

Visual Search is growing with a great speed and it changes the SEO stats. This can be a real consideration in 2020 for every SEO strategy. CodeCL team well equipped with experts to use the benefits of Google Lens.

Video Search

Online video is taking a great leap with predicted 75% of all traffic by 2021. Even now the demand is more than the production and CCL is managing all aspects of video SEO from production to promotion.

Voice Search

Voice Search can be a game changer in the modern SEO world. Experts predict this as the next big thing in Online Marketing. CCL does voice search optimization in all our SEO processes effectively.

Search Intent

Search keyword is being replaced with word search intent in today's SEO. understanding the right motive behind every search activity is very important to make an effective SEO strategy for better conversion resulting seo sales.

Authority Backlinks

Backlinks are still to play an important role in determining the ranking of a website even in 2020. We do the best effort in creating and maintaining a good list of genuine backlinks from sites having better authority.

We offer Increased Economic complete SEO benefits

Our SEO professionals bring numerous SEO benefits to your business. See few of them below and connect with us to enjoy them to grow your business.

Brand Credibility

Just being present on top SERP results brings the credibility of a brand much higher. This happens only because of the credibility of Google which has been created over the years by ensuring credible results. Every updates googles brings time to time is to perfect its algorithm.


In SEO, we work on websites to make it responsive with all devices including mobile. This results in a perfect mobile friendly website which improves mobile ranking and traffic from mobile devices. Responsiveness of a website with all available devices is an important parameter for high search ranking.

Long-Term Strategy

Even though it takes to reach the top of SERPs up to 6 months, It won't be easy to bring it down if you maintain the process and supportive actions sincerely. Your ranking wont drop considerably unless with a severe google algorithm update or many other competitors have worked aggressively on their SEO efforts.

More Market Share

With a better visibility of SRP rankings your brand will attract more clicks from the internet users. These vsitors will become users and eventually leads for our business. We can communicate with them to make them our customers.

Winning Edge in Competition

Winning Edge in Competition When you start working the SEO strategies sincerely, you will be much ahead of the competitors who don't use it. You will be able to learn about their digital strategies if any on your competitor research activity.

Website Speed

A slow loading website will negatively affect SEO and search rankings. So when working on SEO, speeding up of the website is an important user experience and reduces bounce rate and eventually leads to better conversion especially in search engine optimisation of ecommerce websites .

More Ecommerce Sales

Our eCommerce Marketingprofessionals provides SEO for ecommerce websites with suitable strategy. This can increase the sales by bringing quality traffic to your online shopping site.

Wordpress SEO Expertise

CCL SEO service team has a decade of experience in seo for wordpress sites including woocommerce sites and doing SEO for news portals in wordpress.

Magento SEO Expertise

Our ecommerce seo team has got more than half a decade of experience in Magento Ecommerce website SEO generating better sales.

Do SEO to Bring Success Leads Growth Business

CODE CL is an expert SEO Company in kochi. We create great websites and related properties with focus on branding & lead generation to grow your business and profits. We guarantee your website in the front page of search engines. Please add your phone number if you wants to get a callback. Please provide your website name for a free SEO audit and submit more details if looking to bring your website on top search result to grow your business. Wishing you to top search rankings generating high website traffic to increase your sales online!