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Social media advertising is one of the ways to gain immediate results. Brands can showcase and connect to thousands of potential customers who can be benefitted by the product. In fact, social advertising even helps with brand visibility and user engagement.

At Code CL we understand the power of social advertising and we help brands leverage the reach offered by social media to drive traffic, generate leads and improve conversions.

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Although social media platforms have the potential to grow a brand organically, on most platforms in order to get preferential treatment and immediate results – a paid option works better. By paid advertising, you are able to reach a targeted audience segment that will be interested or would readily opt for your product when they come across the brand message.

There are several social media platforms and you need not spend ad money on all of them. Your brand positioning will give you ideas, which type of audience gravitate most to your product. If the brand appeals more to the youth, you could advertise on mediums like Instagram and Facebook. While a feminine product would be served better on Pinterest.

  • Improved brand awareness and repeated exposure improve chances of purchase.
  • Comparatively inexpensive to traditional forms of advertising
  • Improves feedback from customers to increase loyalty & advocacy
  • ncreased brand visibility has a direct correlation to improved conversions.
  • Gives brand access to a targeted audience segment for better results.
  • Improves web traffic and increases in-store traffic for a physical store.


When launching an ad campaign it is vital to structure your account, which means paying close attention and adhering to business objectives on the platform.

Target Better

One of the best ways of improving engagement & reducing cost is by narrowly focusing on an audience segment where there is resonance.

Layered Targeting

Advertisers today have the choice of targeting with amazing granularity. For instance layering purchase behaviour over demographic data.


While social platforms do offer targeting options, remain mindful about the increasing magnitude of specificity shrinks the audience number.

Content Freshness

The freshness of content matters for an ad campaign, consistently replace old ads with new for receiving more impressions & greater engagement.

Utilize Retargeting

By utilizing remarketing appropriately, you increase the chances of a customer going the distance and converting.

Code CL, Provides Cost Effective Cost Effective Cost Effective Advertising Driving Results

We ensure optimum ad spend on all platforms.

Facebook Ads

Over the years it has become difficult to grow a brand organically on Facebook and it has become vital to spend money for business outreach. Facebook Ads broadly support three main business objectives: Awareness, Consideration and Conversions. Awareness involves building awareness and increasing reach. Consideration caters to web-traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, generate leads and encourage chats on messenger.

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Conversion pertains to catalogue sales and increasing in-store traffic. Since it is quite popular among all demographics, it is considered a good medium for advertising. The most popular type of ads on Facebook is the photo and video ads. The former includes an image, text, headline and description. While the latter consists of short length message videos offering good completion rates.

Instagram Ads

By now we all know that Instagram is owned by Facebook, the business objectives for Instagram Ads remain the same as Facebook. It also incorporates the targeting capabilities of Facebook. As a platform, Instagram is more popular among millennials and Generation Xers. There are four specific types of ads that can be hosted on the platform, namely – Photo, Video, Carousel and Collection.

You have the choice of creating an ad for the Instagram feed or Instagram stories. An ad on Instagram looks similar to a regular post except for a Sponsored label on the top right. It also allows you to add a call-to-action depending on the campaign objective. While posting an ad on the platform successful brands ensure to remain concurrent with regular organic posts to improve brand recognition.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads remains a great marketing channel for driving traffic and generating leads. Advertising on Twitter involves promoting individual tweets or entire campaigns dedicated to specific objectives. For promoted tweets, there are eight objectives, which are Website clicks or conversions, Followers, Tweet Engagements, App Installs, App re-engagements, In-stream video views, Promoted Video Views and Awareness.

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The second type of paid promotion is Promoted Accounts, where an entire profile gets promoted rather than individual tweets. The accounts get promoted on targeted audience’s newsfeed and on profile pages of other relevant accounts. Budgets for the ads are decided through a bidding system namely – Automatic, Maximum and Target Bids and there are no “minimum budget” restrictions.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads can help your business reach a powerful audience, you not only reach influential members but can reach an audience with 2x times more buying power than a regular web audience. Besides targeting LinkedIn Ads allows advertisers to run campaigns based on clearly defined goals such as brand awareness, lead generation or engagement.

Types of LinkedIn Ads include:

  • Sponsored Content: Includes promoted LinkedIn posts
  • Direct Sponsored Content: Not published on your LinkedIn page feed
  • Sponsored InMail: Delivers direct message to the in-box of LinkedIn members
  • Text Ads: Appears on the top right on desktops
  • Dynamic Ads: Targeted ads with a profile photo of the viewer
  • LinkedIn Audience Network: Ads on partner Apps and websites

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest can be called a discovery platform because most of the search that happens is unbranded, which means the user is open to new ideas and products. Pinterest Ads offer the advertiser to improve brand awareness and consideration from its 335 million strong user base. The types of Pinterest Ads include:

  • Promoted Pins: These appear in the home feed and search results
  • One-Tap Pins: Tapping on the Pin will take the user to a landing page
  • Promoted Carousels: Series of 4-5 images, you can swipe through
  • Promoted Video Pins: Videos that appear on home feed and search results
  • Promoted App Pins: Allows users to downloads Apps from the platform
  • Buyable Pins: Allows the user to find & buy directly from your Pin

YouTube Ads

Advertising on YouTube is quite different from running a PPC or a paid social campaign. YouTube Ads offers enough options to ensure your video content reaches the target audience. Presently, YouTube allows advertisers to target audiences based on their Google search history and their viewing behaviours. Let's briefly look at the type of YouTube Ads:

  • TrueView Ads: Advertisers only pay for this ad, when the user watches it more than 30 seconds or if they interact with the ad by clicking the CTA etc.
  • Pre-roll Ads: These are in-stream ads that are non-skippable and they play before, mid-roll or after the main video.
  • Bumper Ads: These videos are 6 seconds long and plays-out just before the start of a video.

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Social MediaAdvertising Strategy

Each social media platform requires a different approach. But, there are commonalities that can be considered while creating advertising strategies. These are:

  • Know your Business Objective: Know the campaign objectives beforehand, it helps select a platform and the right advertising solution.
  • Target Audience: Determine who you are trying to reach and gain the maximum advantage of the targeting options.
  • Control Budget: Select between impressions and engagement to achieve relevant business goals.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Design ads that can be accessed on mobiles to reach a wider audience.
  • Optimize Performance: You can get instant feedback on ad performance. Hence test several ads to a small audience to determine engagement beforehand.
  • Measure Results: This is essential to know whether goals have been achieved.

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We come with over a decade of experience in conceiving, creating and launching social media advertising campaigns across platforms.

Our strength lies in devising campaigns with best outcomes that are aligned with the expectations and business goals of the client.

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Grown through Experience

We have been running social media advertising campaigns for over a decade now. And, we have devised in-house best practices with regard to copy, headlines and keywords. We understand the nuances and intricate practices involved in executing campaigns for a business of any size.

We regularly undertake A/B testing, conversion optimization and retargeting to allow your brand optimum business outreach enabling you to concentrate on business priorities.

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Select Carefully

There is a tendency among brands to spread themselves too thin across all platforms because others are doing so. This need not be the case if you carefully select the channels, strategise and be available on only those channels which are apt for your brand and business goals. It is better to dominate a few than be mediocre at them all.

Research Platforms

The advice never gets old about knowing a platform well before launching an ad campaign on it. Platforms tend to have different ad types and you have to lock-in on ad formats that further your goals. While remarketing may be efficient for conversions, know beforehand if the strategy is suited to you. Maybe a simple impression-based campaign might just do the trick.

Diversify Approach

Putting all the eggs in one basket might be a risky proposition considering there are enough choices available for ad spend. For instance, if there is a lot of competition on a platform for advertising and the ad spend starts shooting up. Any time you see such a spike, it is time to diversify to other available networks which does not cost as much.

Remain Updated

The social media landscape is in a constant state of flux and each platform is trying to outdo each other by evolving better features to get a larger piece of the advertising pie. As an advertiser, it becomes imperative to stay abreast of all the latest happenings, events and news to evolve better strategies and optimum results from social media advertising campaigns.

Optimize Ads

As mentioned earlier, social media is constantly changing and as a serious marketer, you need to be in-the-know about what works and what’s expected. This means measuring ad metrics regularly to gauge the success of the campaign. And also map your success to new algorithms, parameters, and best practices within the industry.

Focus on Objectives

When launching an ad campaign, some brands are likely to have multiple ad objectives. However, it works best, when you focus on a single objective and after having accomplished one, you focus on the next possible objective. For arriving at primary objectives for an ad campaign it is always best to A/B test and figure-out which objective achieves most success.

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Advertising Tone

Create advertising that appeals to your intended audience and speak in a language that they understand and give them what they expect.


Before embarking on an ad campaign, be clear on the ROI and define SMART goals. In the end, you will have something to compare your results.

Personalized Content

Develop buyer personas and then create advertisements that will appeal to the target audience, instead of relying on guesswork.

Mobiles & Desktop

Create ads keeping in mind the audience on mobile phones, but do not forget the traffic coming from desktops and laptops.

Short Videos

Video campaigns are the ones known to perform the best among ads, try to keep it short and capture attention in the first 3-seconds.

Blend Seamlessly

One of the best ways to create and launch ad campaigns is by creating ads that perfectly blend in with newsfeeds and timelines.

Sales Funnel

Create separate ads that will target an audience based on their location in the sales funnel, taking them to special landing pages meant for that each stage.

Optimize Bidding

It is fairly easy to overbid or severely limit the audience with low bids, find a balance and optimize the social bidding strategy to stay competitive.

Continually Refresh

An advertiser has to continually refresh ads consistently to avoid a social campaign from becoming stale and overused and get enough engagement.

Code CL, Leverage over a Decade Decade Decade of Experience in SMA Campaign

From its inception in 2007, CCL has continually delivered on successful SMA campaigns that have produced tangible results. We continue to improve and optimize campaign strategies to provide our clients with the best SMA engagement. Go ahead and Select us with CONFIDENCE.