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Have you ever wondered why Social Media Marketing is so popular? Well! It’s because social media platforms are becoming marketing avenues for companies. Social Media offers unlimited advertising benefits. It’s ideal for almost all business as it requires minimal financial investment.

When done correctly, it will help boost up your business in the most efficient manner. Code CL is the Social Media Marketing Company in kerala offers all related services.

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CCL Is A leader For Social Media Marketing In Kochi!

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CODE CL Is A Professional Leading Social Media Promotion Company.

We are a leading service provider in social media marketing kochi providing complete marketing solutions for all social media sites for online branding of your business.

“Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing.”

Chris Brogan CEO


According to wikipedia, “Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Although the terms online marketing and digital marketing are still dominant in the marketing arena, Social Media Marketing is becoming more popular.

Social Media Marketing Agency is a marketing company that uses all or few of the social media websites to brand and promote the services of their clients to develop the client’s business. The agency is responsible to create and execute marketing strategies for each and every social media site for the respective clients.

Social Media Marketing offers Increased brand awareness and More Inbound Traffic with muh lesser investment. This gives Higher Conversion Rates and Better Customer Satisfaction compared to traditional marketing. Moreover branding and promotion activities through Social Media Websites gives companies more Brand Authority with enhanced Brand Loyalty.


CCL is a leading service provider in social media marketing kochi with expertise in all Social Media Channels.

All Marketing Solutions

We offer marketing, promotion, management and lead generation services for all leading Social Media Sites in Kochi.

Social Media Consultancy

We provide Social Media Marketing Consultancy services for businesses who are looking for leads and online sales generation.

Fans Growth

Social Media Marketing Agency Service is not creating regular posts and updating them online. We work for driving traffic and increase your fan number.

Increased Conversion

Our Social Media Marketing Strategies convert visitors to your customers by increasing branding experience.

Certified Professionals

Apart from the experience Code CL’s Social Media Marketing experts possess all major certifications like Facebook Blueprint Certification.

CCL, Provides Promotion Marketing Management Of All Social Media Platforms


Facebook Marketing

CCL has a dedicated team of certified professionals for Facebook Marketing and campaign Management in Kochi. Our expert ad campaign managers ensure most efficient and economic lead generation from the international audience. Aggressive promotion on facebook and other social media accounts offers Improved visibility which will gain more conversion opportunities. Therefore, when you put your brand on social media, it improves the conversion rates on your existing traffic.

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Businesses are using Facebook & Social accounts to create a new way of sending their brand messages to the right people at the right time. Therefore, if you want to skyrocket your brand sales, use the right social media account which is Facebook in most cases. By promoting your product or services on social media channels, you will be able to open your business to a broader range of audience globally.

Instagram Marketing

CCL is one of the best Instagram marketing and management companies in kochi. Our Instagram marketing services guarantee increased brand awareness and lead generation with young audience group which is the major active user base for this social media channel.

Instagram Ads are a cost-efficient way of boosting up the visibility of your business. Each post shared on this social media can lead to a potential young customer. Apart from that Social Media being a global platform, you are likely to attract more customers than just marketing in your local region not to mention the fact that it is cost-effective also.

Twitter Promotion

CodeCL has years of expertise in Twitter PromotionTwitter promotion and Brand building. We create tailored marketing campaigns for each segment of your audience twitter with its very limited options compared to Facebook. We help businesses to help Twitter Adsadvertise on Twitter to promote your products and services globally. We focus our efforts to efficiently and effectively engage new customers.

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Pinterest Marketing

We are one among the very few experts in Pinterest marketing in kochi. Adding relevant content boards to relevant audiences is very important in pinterest promotion. Pinrest can bring a good number of website visits if we manage it successfully. Pinterest is capable of bringing sales for ecommerce websites when use the pins and boards very effectively. Pinterset is one of the important social media channels of its kind which can add value to your business and Pinterest Ads enhance your global branding .

Linkedin Management

Linkedin is a very special professional network and an important social media channel for every businesses globally. We’ve developed an approach to shaping Linkedin marketingLinkedin marketing strategies for our corporate clients that result in defining priorities. We are one of the best branding agencies in kochi offering Linkedin Consultancy services and Linkedin Adslinkedin ads.

Youtube Promotion

Video promotion has become one of the most important digital marketing activities in this 2020. The consumption of online video is growing at a very high pace. Digital marketing companies can't avoid this segment and even started giving more importance than text based content.

We became one of the best YouTube branding and promotion agencies in kochi with a dedicated team of content creators and video promotion experts for the last 4 years. We are offering services on channel creation and promotion for corporates and individual professionals and performers.

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Social Media Agency Strategy

To get the real benefits from Social Media Marketing & Promotion, you need to promote your website and social accounts to your identified target audiences and related location. This can ensure better ROI with making your site visitors into customers

Our expertise as Social Media marketing agency in Kochi we offer Social Media Promotion Services to clients all around the globe with guaranteed. Social Media Marketing Industry provides lead generation services and internet branding.

We Are Expert Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Marketing Company Kerala

Most of the business leads and branding is possible from these major social media channels Facebook, Instagram, linkedin and YouTube. CCL has a special team of dedicated experts to manage & Promote these professionally.

CCL Is A Social Media Advertising Company In Kochi!

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Expert Campaign Managers

CCL is an expert social media advertising and campaign management company in Kerala.

We have certified professionals to manage campaigns for each and every social media channel with extremely efficient and cost effective strategies.

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Social Media Marketing Agency

We are experts in all Social Media channels and create genuine leads. CCL is mainly an Internet Marketing Company with sales oriented social media marketing strategy in kochi. We have high expertise in all social media Sites.

We are one of the best Social Media Marketing Agency in Kerala provides guaranteed branding and Lead Generation Services.

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CCL Does Everything To Grow Increase Your Business

CODE CL has every element of expertise including a team of content creators and creative designers to make your social media campaign successful.

Creative Team Of Designers

As one of the best social media management agencies in Kochi, we got inhouse team of expert designers who can create highly clickable images for related businesses. The quality and relevance of images are very important for every Social Media Promotion activity.

Expert Content Writing Team

We have a team of content creators in each segment capable of writing specialised content according to the business needs suits to individual clients. The written copy in every promotional activity has the prime importance in converting the visitors into leads.

Professional Team Of Marketers

Our Marketing Department holds a mastermind team of qualified marketing professionals who is capable of making the right strategy for the specific need of every marketing campaign. This ensures the best output in each and every campaign we undertake.

Efficient Campaign Managers

As the best social media marketing company kerala, Code CL has an experienced team of Ad Managers. They are capable of managing every campaign in the most efficient way. This offers better ROI for every marketing activity ensuring maximum results and exposure with the least possible investment.

Experienced team

CCL team has more than a decade of experience in online promotion and social media advertisement with expertise for better analysis and process management.

Artificial Intelligence

We integrate all modern tools for online business auxiliary services using Artificial Intelligence with accurate analysis and error free execution for effective marketing.

We Do Promotions on WhatsApp Messenger Tumblr & Similar Social Platforms

Here is a list of social media channels and other social networking sites and messaging services having high numner of users.


Telegram is similar to most social messaging apps and is often known for how secure it is as a messaging app.


Facebook has made Messenger into a standalone app by itself and greatly expanded on its features. Businesses can now advertise and send newsletters.


WeChatWeChat grew from a messaging app, just like WhatsApp and Messenger, into an all-in-one platform.


QQ is an instant messaging platform that is extremely popular among young Chinese and used in 80 countries in many other languages.


TumblrTumblr is a microblogging and social networking site for sharing text, photos, links, videos, audios, and more.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a rising music video social network.While it is most popular in Asia, my hunch is its popularity might spread to the west.


Reddit, also known as the front page of the Internet, is a platform where users can submit questions. , links, and images.


Snapchat is a social media app that focuses on sharing photos and short videos, as known as snaps, between friends.


WhatsApp is a messaging app used by people in over 180 countries.For small businesses, it has built the .WhatsApp Business app

The Social Way to Success Advance Progress

If you are looking for Social Media Marketing Experts for promoting your byusiness online, Code CL is one among the best. We are one of the leading Social Media Promotion Company Kochi. Please provide your phone number if you would like to get a callback. Please provide possible details about the business and social media promotion needs. Wishing you to get more leads and sales online!