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YouTube is the second-most popular website in the world with more than a billion active users. An average online user spends one-third of time watching videos, making it essential for all brands to leverage the reach and effectiveness of YouTube as a marketing channel.

At Code CL, being a YouTube promoters in kerala we understand the preference and power of video marketing and are equipped with the essential resources to plan and execute marketing focused exclusively on YouTube.

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Leverage the Power of Video with YouTube Marketing

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On the internet, there is a massive shift occurring towards videos and the most important video-sharing platform on the web is YouTube. All serious marketers, today, want brands to exploit the potential of video, on the platform to drive traffic, capture leads and even make a direct sale. Since YouTube is owned by Google, optimized content gets visibility on search results.

A brand can consider a YouTube channel to be the second website of the company, with the channel being the homepage and individual videos mimicking web pages. Every video that you upload strengthens the channel by pointing back to the channel. More authoritative a channel becomes, the easier it becomes for the site to rank for most searched keywords on the platform.

  • Good probability of finding visibility on SERP
  • Repurpose video content into other content types (podcasts, infographics)
  • The platform helps you reach a wide audience
  • Build an Email-list by embedding sign-ups forms within videos
  • Video helps establish a personal connection with the brand and nurtures trust.
  • Target a specific audience segment with paid ads on the platform.

  • Compelling

    Drawing viewers to your video involves writing compelling titles that would help them to select videos based on what they are looking for.

    YouTube SEO

    Optimize your video content with keywords for better results on search, it is estimated that videos will show-up in 70% search results.

    Actively Engage

    Users on YouTube are known to engage with creators through like and comments, encouraging engagement with quick responses.

    Social Media

    YouTube has the potential to promote your presence on other social media platforms, embed social media buttons on the channel page.

    Customize Thumbnails

    A customized thumbnail has the ability to grab viewer’s attention, invest time and effort in creating one that helps discover your brand.

    Cross-Promote Videos

    When you have similar topics being covered through videos, ensure to promote your old videos in the description to increase viewership.

    Code CL Completely Understands realize Manage YouTube Marketing


    Inbound Marketing

    It is quite obvious to everyone that inbound marketing works better than conventional marketing tactics. The domain of YouTube marketing is also a subset of inbound marketing, where the user is not compelled rather he gets drawn towards a brand by the relevance of the video content.

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    In life, we all are searching for solutions to recurrent problems and often these ‘solutions’ come in the form of a product or service. YouTube marketing seeks to get closer to such audiences who would benefit from a product or service. A YouTube marketing strategy is for the long-term, where the brand, initially, spends on Ads to get the word around. Later, this brand awareness is nurtured to generate leads and improve conversions through YouTube.

    Content Promotion

    An active YouTube channel will be regularly updated with fresh content and with each update the channel improves its chances to rank better on search. The popularity of such a channel can be capitalized upon for promoting a digital asset like a blog.

    By including the link to your blog in the description box, there are good chances of driving traffic to a blog or a new website. Conversely, if you want to promote your YouTube channel, there is no better way than through Email Marketing. Inform and educate all your subscribers about your YouTube channel and introduce them to the type of content that will be featured on the channel. Incidentally, the chances of people accessing the channel are high, as people prefer videos over text or images.

    Social Media Marketing

    YouTube offers tremendous opportunities to promote content through other social media channels. The channel remains compatible with all the known social media platforms and provides a means to engage with your audience on other platforms.

    Email marketing and campaign management in kochi,codecl

    You only have to click the ‘Share’ button underneath the video and select the options presented to you. Honestly, simply sharing the video would not serve your larger purpose of promotion. You have to back up your sharing efforts, for example – if your video brought along a lot of questions, then it is imperative that you answer these questions with a new video and link it to your shared video. This brings in more engagement. In addition, use relevant hashtags to get discovered.

    Local SEO

    Brands that want to exploit the potential of YouTube for local SEO must be focussed on producing brief-videos that talk about the industry and products. Later, you can add “How-to” videos into the mix to improve your ranking on YouTube for specific search terms.

    First, you must ‘Geo-tag’ your videos to enable users to discover your business within a certain radius. Second, link your business website in the description as it improves local search ranking visibility. Third, use the description to explain the video and add a small biography of your company including your name, address and phone number. Lastly, use the business category name and location names as hashtags that will help the brand to get discovered easily.

    YouTube Advertising

    We are all familiar with expensive paid search. But advertising on Google with YouTube ads is inexpensive and the cheapest pay-per-click on the platform comes to about $0.06. Coming from the Google family, the ads come with some advanced targeting options to ensure your ad reaches a specific segment of the audience who would be interested.

    Also, you only pay the ads if someone watches it for more than 30 seconds. YouTube ads come in 6 varieties namely – skippable video ads, non-skippable video ads, bumper ads, overlay ads, display ads and sponsored cards. The key to launching these ads is to make them relevant and engaging, to allow viewers to forget they are watching an advert. Overall, keep the ads short, informative, entertaining and hyper-targeted.

    Measure and Optimize

    Running a YouTube channel will also involve monitoring your performance on a consistent basis. This is made possible with YouTube analytics, which allows you to measure performance metrics to gauge whether your channel is meeting your business goals. These metrics include:

    • Watch Time: Time spent watching your videos, and the number of views
    • Audience Retention: Consistency with which users are watching videos, user interaction and when do they stop watching.
    • Demographics: Audience by age, gender, location and even countries
    • Devices: The kind of devices being used to access the videos
    • Playback Locations: Are the videos getting played on YouTube or on some other platform like Facebook.
    • Traffic Sources: Different locations from where the audience is coming to watch videos
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    YouTube Marketing Strategy

    Presently, 80% of internet traffic is directly connected to video. This makes video marketing an obvious choice among marketers, and YouTube the go-to destination to execute video marketing. Before getting started, here brief strategy about YouTube marketing:

  • Research: Study your competition and identify opportunities and challenges.
  • Useful Content: The audience expects entertainment tied with utility value.
  • Outreach: Reach out to influential YouTubers to bring attention to your brand.
  • LinkBack: Use annotation in videos and space in the description box to link back to the website.
  • Call to Action: Depending on buying intent, insert CTAs that prompt useful action.
  • Consistency: Commit to a schedule with regular updates and think long-term.
  • Code CL, Executing Effective Video Campaigns Campaigns Campaigns on YouTube

    We achieve maximum mileage for brands by video marketing.

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    We have over a decade of experience with video-campaigns and have conceived and created content exclusively for YouTube.

    Our core competency lies in guiding our clients towards content that would find resonance with their core audience on a consistent basis.

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    Video Marketing Re-defined

    We approach all video campaigns trying to earnestly understand what the client is seeking from the exercise. This process can take time, depending on the experience the client has with video marketing. We finalize a strategic solution only when the client has certainty about our approach.

    We believe communication holds great value in evolving solutions in the business. This can be inferred from the amount of time we spend with clients during the initiation of a project.

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    We strive to deliver on the expectations of all clients.

    Keyword Tags

    While uploading videos, you will get the option to tag your videos with common keywords. These will help users to find your videos when they search on YouTube. These keywords vary with businesses such as an online bakery can have keywords matching different celebratory occasions – birthday, marriage etc. In addition, tags expand the reach of your video.

    Call to Action

    Only remaining consistent with regular updates would not attract an audience to your channel, unless you follow the mannerisms adopted by influential YouTubers. You have to include a strong CTA asking your viewers to ‘like’ and ‘subscribe’. In addition, you must include CTA at the end and in the space provided for description of the video.

    Avoid Viral

    While aiming to create a viral video need not be criticized, the constant fascination to go viral and just churning out content will not serve any purpose. First of all, content creation has to be done with an underlying purpose and need to be backed by an equally strong effort, if both these elements are missing; you end up producing mediocre content.

    Tone & Style

    Before you begin the process of content creation, it is important to decide on the tone and style that will be used in all your videos. You must brainstorm this with the agency you are partnering with to decide various things such as – what kind of videos (tutorials, Q&A, interviews), need for a touch of humour, actors or staff-members and intro & outro etc.

    Corporate Vs Consumer

    Avoid committing the mistake of hosting content for consumers and a corporate audience on the same channel. This can cause channel dissonance and can drastically bring down viewership. You will lose the audience when they get to know that the content was not created for them in the first place. Ideally, you should have separate channels catering to consumers and corporate.

    Variety Videos

    The platform offers creators the freedom to produce various kinds of video content, the possibilities are endless. You can experiment with various formats, to begin with, and then gradually zero-in on the type that works best with your audience. You could start with Q&As, ‘How-to’ videos, unboxing, live-stream, testimonial videos and much more.

    Maximize the Marketing Marketing Marketing Potential with Campaigns on YouTube

    We create video campaigns that drive visible results!

    YouTube Tools

    Use tools provided by YouTube to your advantage such as playlists, closed captions, end screens and cards to include the desired call-to-action.

    Optimize Titles

    There are many who use voice-search on YouTube. Accordingly, optimize your title with short headings that would easily rank for searched terms.

    Video Description

    Take advantage of the space for description beneath the video, write descriptions that are keyword optimized to enhance YouTube SEO.

    YouTube Stories

    This is a specialized feature available for channels with a certain number of subscribers and can be created in a matter of seconds with a tap of a button.

    Influencer Campaign

    Influencer outreach must be incorporated to - improve the prospects of your brand, reach a wider audience and diversify content.

    Audience Insights

    On the platform, it is important to have clear ideas about the target audience, create content around the defined preferences of the audience.

    Channel Performance

    In addition to creating & uploading videos, it is important to keep a keen eye on the performance of the content to tweak strategies.

    Competition Research

    Being a business owner, you would have to regularly tap into your competitor’s channel to gauge your position and identify emerging opportunities.

    Brand Voice

    The company logo, colour selection, business description should all have distinct and unique voices aligning to your brand and differentiating it.

    Code CL having a Decade of Experience Experience Experience in YouTube Campaigns

    We come with a decade of experience in executing video campaigns on YouTube. In this course of time, we have adapted to various changes on the platform. Our video campaign executions are based on combined wisdom accumulated from over a decade. Select THE BEST agency.